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the hard cylindrical core that bears the kernels of an ear of corn

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These findings suggest that the mitogenic activity purified from corncob bedding extracts (CM) is likely to be responsible for the disruption of reproductive behavior and function observed in our initial bedding studies.
Johnson is measuring corn stover and corncob yields under various levels of tillage and the amount of corn stover needed to protect soil and maintain soil carbon levels.
Housing adult female rats on ground corncob bedding causes significant reductions in uterine weight and DNA content relative to controls (Markaverich et al.
Hemingway thought that Faulkner had created a similarly fake illusion in Sanctuary with his opaque description of the corncob scene.
The current issue of the journal Weed Technology (of all things) discusses tests conducted on six plantings of field corn over two years The tests sought to discover if applications of corncob grit propelled by compressed air could be an effective form of weed control.
Near the "back" of this complex image hangs a poster of midtown Manhattan in the evening, the skyscraper windows glowing yellow like kernels on a corncob.
Soil scientists Brian Wienhold (left) and Gary Varvel compare corncob residue in various stages of decomposition in no-till corn in Lincoln, Nebraska.
The most important botanical carriers are granular corncob grits, walnut shells, rice brans.
NPS personnel considered using softerabrasives such as walnut shells, glass beads and ground corncob, but most of these materials couldn't cut through the topmost vinyl layer.
24 Thus is the bloody corncob an important symbol of voyeurism, though at first it appears to have no connection to the eyes and/or the act of unadulterated sight.
Here, he had two choices: a "cigarette" constructed from dried corn silk rolled in newspaper, or a charge of ripe burdock seed tamped into a corncob pipe.
Very few of the students today have even seen a field corncob, let alone experience the cob as the sanitary toilet aid that preceded catalog pages and toilet tissues.
Joe remembers his mother smoking a corncob pipe while he punched a bag of cotton with fists wrapped in her discarded bras.
In sugar alcohol's production, there are mainly three raw materials, namely cornstarch, corncob and xylose.