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fed on corn

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strong and healthy but not sophisticated

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Coast to Coast at The Gate is bringing to the region "a gastronomic adventure" from east to west coast America, with dishes - including steaks and a wide range of burgers made from freshly pressed corn-fed Aberdeen Angus beef - and cocktails inspired by recipes from across the continent.
Locally sourced pork from "happy pigs" is always an issue, and while he is getting corn-fed chickens from Ty Celyn poultry farm near Ruthin, finding enough is a problem.
Of course, I could buy the premium, corn-fed, or finest/truly/whatever meat range and I will get a piece of meat or poultry that is of better quality and taste.
The menu always offers classics dishes such as steak frites, moules marinires, corn-fed chicken from the heart of rural Brittany, alongside lighter dishes such as Tuna Nicoise, chargrilled fresh tuna steak on classic Nioise salad with French beans, cherry tomatoes, black olives, peppers, new potatoes, egg, baby gem lettuce and red onion.
According to "Great Blue Heron Music Festival" site where the band is performing in Sherman (New York) on July 2-3: Hindu Cowboys sound is rich with folk, traditional string band and organic corn-fed roots music all topped off with retro-country gravy.
Now, she's had a taste of organic, corn-fed chicken breast, or whatever, the menu chez moi is clearly not up to scratch.
We did see many positive effects in people who consumed ground beef from corn-fed cattle, though.
PM Beef is a leading domestic and international supplier of top-quality, Midwestern, corn-fed beef.
However, this latest paper claims that many of the animal-based foods that people intuitively consider to be more environmentally friendly, such as grass-fed beef, locally produced eggs and organic milk, could actually be more harmful than their corn-fed, remotely produced or conventional counterparts.
Several studies have also indicated that carcass characteristics are similar between corn-fed and barley-fed pigs, however, variations have been observed in some meat quality traits (Nelson et al.
Good, modern British food is served in the One-Eight-One restaurant with dishes such as organic corn-fed chicken stuffed with parmesan and wild mushrooms and parsley pesto risotto.
Our smoked turkey is made from barn-reared, corn-fed birds that lead a happy life and that comes across in the flavour and moisture of the meat.
It doesn't kill innocent potatoes, it draws its water from Teton aquifers and borrows responsibly from corn-fed Idaho rye grass.
Biggest course was the ballotine of corn-fed chicken and air-dried ham with minted pea creme fraiche and pommes fondant - chicken and ham with mushy peas and tatties really.
Cattle that eat grass belch less than corn-fed cows, since it's easier for the animals to digest grasses as they have evolved to do.