corn snow

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granular snow formed by alternate thawing and freezing

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Corn snow - large, roundedcrystals of ice formed by repeated melting and re-freezing - is a staple of spring skiing.
It can just as easily be warm, sunny and filled with easy corn snow turns, though.
the spring - people coming for those corn snow conditions.
Mention spring skiing and the images that come to mind are icy mornings, slushy afternoons, corn snow, bottoms of skis shredded by rocky thin spots, T-shirts and gobs of sunscreen.
Three days of late-winter skiing at what is supposed to be the beastliest ski area in the Granite State - or anywhere, for that matter - turned out to be pure joy with soft spring-like corn snow and plenty of it, mostly sunny skies, and great grooming.
It's sunny out, people who work at the mountain are in a good mood and telling jokes, and there's effortless gliding through soft corn snow.
Despite the recent rains, there is an upside: There's three, maybe four, more glorious weeks of warmish temps, sun, soft corn snow and plenty of snow cover after a spectacular winter.
It's called spring skiing, and the time is now for this fun period of sunny slope-side parties, soft hero-making corn snow, and brighter afternoons.