corn snake

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large harmless snake of southeastern United States

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23 YEARS Age to which rodenteating corn snakes can live in captivity.
HISSY FIT: Motorist Pauline Evans and her daughter Stephanie who were in the car when a North American Corn Snake appeared on the window.
Corn Snakes and Rainbow Boas require a similar environment but both can grow to over 6ft in length so you would need plenty of space for them.
Amanda Gott is hunting high and low for her pet corn snake (inset) Picture: JEFF PITT
From his research he narrowed the discovery down to two types, either an American corn snake, a large, powerful, nonvenomous snake, or a Mexican corn snake, which is poisonous.
Sid the corn snake, native in the USA and non-venomous, made his dramatic reappearance three weeks after disappearing from a tank in a neighbouring flat.
Mr Miller, from Surbiton, Surrey, believes the harmless American corn snake had been in a box in his back seat.
Connor West is still having nightmares after he and mum Vicky watched Barry Laverick kill the corn snake.
Luther, 66, admitted eight counts of animal cruelty at South Tyneside Magistrates' Court against reptiles including a king snake, a boa constrictor, royal python, leopard gecko, corn snake, tortoise and a bearded dragon.
The RSPCA took the nonpoisonous American corn snake away next morning.
While she was washing her face just before 1am yesterday, the teenager saw the 18-inch-long corn snake lying in the bath - which she immediately thought was a fake snake set up by brother Lewis, 16, to scare her mum Lyn.
They called the RSPCA but by the time officers turned up, the sandy-brown creature, which they reckoned was an American corn snake, had wriggled back down the bend.
They come in various colours and the most commonly kept species, such as the corn snake, is also known as a red rat snake.
But nothing prepared him for the sight of a corn snake which found its way into Hoylake police station.
Barry Laverick bit the baby corn snake in two after calling his partner to witness him killing it.