corn silk

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each of the long filamentous styles that grow as a silky tuft at the tip of an ear of Indian corn


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Corn silk had a long history of application for therapeutic remedy, including the antioxidant activities (Liu et al.
Phenylacetaldehyde is a component of corn silk volatile profiles and is attractive to numerous pest Lepidoptera (Cantelo & Jacobson 1979).
Keywords: Modified corn silk fiber; Chemical modified; Succinic anhydride; As()in food additives soil alkali; Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry analysis;
Group C was given acetaminophen at a dose of 600 mg/kg intraperitoneally on first day of experiment and then corn silk extract was given by oral route at a dose of 400 mg/kg for next 8 days.
In many parts of the world, corn silk has been utilized for the treatment of gout, edema, cystitis as well as for kidney stones, gout, nephritis and prostatitis (Ali et al.
As a youth, I remember each summer smoking corn silk and a local weed called "Indian tobacco" in a 25 cent, Missouri Meerschaum corn cob.
4 dried cornhusks Warm water 9 ounces sea salt To serve: 4 small hollow dried gourds with removable tops 4 dried cornhusks 8 ears fresh baby corn, husks peeled back, corn silk removed * roasted ground peanuts may he substituted ** Nahuatl word for dried cornhusk *** yields more than needed For plating For the chicatana-coffee mayonnaise: Beat egg yolk while slowly whisking in oil Add coffee, ants, and lime juice to mayonnaise and whisk to combine.
I pulled corn silk from a scratch on his arm, plucked
If we're doing it right this time, we extract even the stubborn strands of corn silk, caught between rows of kernels like tight floss between teeth.
The team found out that the gang used corn silk, which was coloured red and mixed with a small amount of original saffron to make it look and smell like the real stuff.
To help prevent stone formation, drink a herbal tea containing golden rod, couch grass and corn silk.
On the color front, look for milk, butter, duck egg, weathered barn, corn silk.
child has pale blonde hair and dicey give her an Indian name that means "corn tassel" because her hair is like corn silk.
The collection includes the Corn Silk Powder ad emphasising its "natural look" (pictured) and such iconic ads as the fictitious animated owners Bert and Harry Piel of Piels Beer in the 50s; Beech Nut Fruit Stripe gum with its famous zebra-striped wrappers from the 60s and classics from brands such as Kraft, General Foods and Texaco from the same era.