corn silk

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each of the long filamentous styles that grow as a silky tuft at the tip of an ear of Indian corn


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massyla caught in sticky traps in corn fields from the first appearance of corn silk until harvest.
I wondered if I might be able to resume my beloved tavern conversations (mentioned above) if I took a hookah into the tavern and filled the bowl with corn silk or Indian tobacco.
They found the suspect in the process of mixing saffron with corn silk.
child has pale blonde hair and dicey give her an Indian name that means "corn tassel" because her hair is like corn silk.
The collection includes the Corn Silk Powder ad emphasising its "natural look" (pictured) and such iconic ads as the fictitious animated owners Bert and Harry Piel of Piels Beer in the 50s; Beech Nut Fruit Stripe gum with its famous zebra-striped wrappers from the 60s and classics from brands such as Kraft, General Foods and Texaco from the same era.
Corn husk dolls What you'll need: Corn husks-around 30 Twine or string Scissors Pipe cleaners Cottonball or Styrofoam ball the same size as a cottonball Glue (optional) Corn silk (from your corn) optional
Initially, microscopy showed plant structures similar to tobacco and also possibly corn silk.
Miller interprets it as imitating the leaves and corn silk on a maize plant: at the site of Cacaxtla, Maya-style murals show maize cobs on the plant as human heads.
The Zea Mays (corn) group was tentatively found to be safe as used, with the exception of corn silk, which required additional safety data.
Materials displayed in this year's parade include black seaweed, lettuce seed, split peas, cinnamon, corn silk and crushed walnut shells.
With deadpan humour, straight ahead jabs to the reader, and intimate little double--takes, "A Professor's Unforgettables" reads as smooth as corn silk.
Corn Silk And Black Braids is a gentle story about learning to like oneself.
Maia Wilkins, the cover story, is described as "small, rail thin, and perfectly proportioned--with curly, corn silk blonde hair, and an alabaster complexion.
5 years in American oak, this anejo is lighter in color than most others--with a corn silk glow--but its aroma and taste are unmistakably defined and notable for their elegance.