corn poppy

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annual European poppy common in grain fields and often cultivated

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A Shirley poppy is a fancy corn poppy, bred for its white, pink and magenta variants, some of which are semi-double,.
common names include corn poppy, corn rose, field poppy, Flanders poppy, red poppy).
One of the most poignant images ever to grace a stamp depicts a silhouetted group of struggling soldiers emerging from the centre of a corn poppy in bloom.
A few deer resistant plants Flower Species Species Approximate Size Reason for Repel Mexican Marigold 20-inches Aromatic/Toxic Black-eyed Susan 2-feet Aromatic Bird of Paradise 5-feet Unknown California Poppy 1-foot Toxic Corn Poppy 2-5 feet Toxic Calla Lily 2-feet Burns Mouth Zinnia 6-8 inches Unknown Common Sunflower 5-foot Coarse Foliage Note: Deer will readily eat and love sunflower seeds after they have ripened.
Asian corn poppy has bright red, single flowers with bobbing golden anthers.
In the spring of 1915 around Ypres on the Western Front, corn poppy whose seeds can lie dormant in the ground for a long period, began to grow.
Papaver rhoeas, the corn poppy, is the obvious illustration - a new generation germinating each year as the land was ploughed.