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5 Wildflower Honey Bee Flower Mixed, EUR1 from Thompson & Morgan Seeds - contains 19 different varieties, ranging from wallflowers and forget-me-nots to cosmos, gaillardias and corn poppies.
POPPIES just love sunbathing and none more so than the glorious scarlet corn poppies, like Shirley (named after a Surrey vicar of that town, not that name).
Shirley poppies, bred from corn poppies outside Shirley, England, in the 1880s, come up in red, pink, rose, lilac, salmon and white.
By planting flowers like the California poppies, corn poppies, marigolds, bleeding hearts, or calla lilies, the deer may go elsewhere to fill their bellies.
The Escholzias, or Californian poppies, can be sown direct on to the soil, as can pink chiffon opium poppies (Papaver somniferum) as well as the gorgeous corn poppies which are derived from our own wild field poppy.