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European herb with bright yellow flowers

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An annual seed mix containing cornflowers and poppies will do better if sown in the autumn, while corn marigolds prefer a spring sowing.
From far left: Evening primrose, daisy and coneflowers feature in the parkland WARM WELCOME Final touches to the displays of red hot pokers CHAMPION WALK Take a three-mile stroll through the parkland AQUATICS CENTRE The approach to the venue, with its wave-like roof, has been lined with colour - a top priority for designers GOLDEN MEADOW Pot marigolds, tickseed and corn marigolds create a ribbon of gold around the Olympic Stadium OLYMPIC GLORY Densely planted wild flowers create a stunning tapestry
Further natural elements are added through the extensive use of wood, the meadowstyle planting around the boundaries of the garden, plus the incorporation of bee and insect-friendly plants like corn marigolds and field poppies.
The Ridgeway Meadow project, on land adjacent to Park Avenue and Hawthorn Avenue, will feature a mix of wild flowers and grasses including poppies, daisies, corncockles, corn marigolds and red campions.
They include familiar plants such as poppies and corn marigolds that are not actually native to Britain but were brought here by early farmers as agriculture spread from continental Europe.
VIBRANT red poppies, blue cornflowers and golden corn marigolds, plus other wildflowers in all their glorious colour, used to be a common sight in farmers' fields.
99, a wildflower seed gift that grows into a striking arrangement of dazzling golden flowers including Meadow Buttercup, Common St John's Wort, Ladies Bedstraw and Corn Marigolds.
p Jim Brady called with news from Rainford and the surrounding farmland, where corn marigolds and field scabious were still blooming in swathes at the beginnning of this month.
Cornflowers range in colours from pink to shades of blue and purple and go well with golden corn marigolds, vermilion pheasant's eye (Adonis annua) and the white and yellow mayweed (matricaria).