corn lily

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any of several South African plants of the genus Ixia having grasslike leaves and clusters of showy variously colored lily-like flowers

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Present the students with a picture of a cyclopic lamb and tell them that the lamb's mother consumed a plant called the corn lily during the winter, when food was scarce.
All will give a colorful display in spring: baboon flower (Babiana), African corn lily (Ixia), dwarf Narcissus, Freesia, grape hyacinth (Muscari), harlequin flower (Sparaxis), Homeria collina, naked lady (Amaryllis belladonna), ranunculus, Tritonia and species tulips (such as Tulipa clusiana, T.
Trainedby Keith Reveleyand riddenbyhissonJames, Robbie, a son of prolific winner Corn Lily, gothomebythree-quarters o fa lengthfromThegaygardner.
Try these less common charmers in your garden--all will give a colorful display in spring in zones 7-9, 14-17 (except where noted): African corn lily (Ixia), baboon flower (Babiana), dwarf narcissus, freesia (zones 8-9, 14- 17), grape hyacinth (Muscari), harlequin flower (Sparaxis; zones 9, 14-17), Homeria, naked lady (Amaryllis belladonna), poppy-flowered anemone (Anemone coronaria), Ranunculus, species tulips (such as Tulipa clusiana, T.
Owned by her breeder Susan McDonald, the winner is a half-sister to the useful Flat performer Fisio Therapy and is out of prolific winner Corn Lily.
Bracken fern, corn lily, and yarrow grow in the marshy soils.
Sixteen-year-old broodmare Corn Lily, previously responsible for one jumping winner, gained her first Flat winner courtesy of Fisio Therapy in the mile maiden
lPeter Niven reaches 300 career winners as Corn Lily (Mary Reveley) lands the handicap hurdle at Market Rasen from Cheerful Times.