corn gluten feed

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a feed consisting primarily of corn gluten

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Strong Demand for Gluten Feed in Developing Countries and Corn Gluten Feed - A Cost-Effective Substitute for Expensive Grain-Based Feed are the major gluten feed market drivers discussed in this research.
The correlation coefficients between chemical composition and DE and ME of corn gluten feed sources was conducted by the Proc CORR procedure.
USGC regional director in the Middle East and Subcontinent, Joe O'Brien said that the ban would impact on US coarse grains and producers severely because Turkey is the largest buyer of US corn gluten feed and the third-largest buyer of US distiller's dried grains with solubles, according to a report in Commodity Online.
shipments of corn gluten feed to the EU totaled $450 million last year.
7million tonnes of corn gluten feed imports from the United States, starting in 2001.
The United States exports corn gluten feed to Europe in response to (i) a loophole in European Union (EU) agricultural trade barriers and to (ii) the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) which makes grain expensive to the European livestock industry.
CWM (Corn wet milling) co-products technical and commercial perspective including potential markets for corn gluten feed (CGF), corn gluten meal (CGM) and corn germ.
Some of the major changes and additions are: Newly updated CWM (Corn wet milling) co-products with technical and commercial perspective including potential markets for corn gluten feed (CGF), corn gluten meal (CGM) and corn germ.
Cottonseed hull, corn gluten feed, brewer's grain, whole cottonseed, and orchard grass resulted in the lowest C[H.
Brussels last week announced new restrictions on trade from America, with demands that all consignments of corn gluten feed and brewers grains--a byproduct of distilling ethanol--are accompanied with a certificate from a recognized lab, declaring the batch free of the unapproved bt10.
The starch is used for industrial and food applications including high fructose corn syrup and ethanol; the oil in food applications; and the corn gluten feed and meal, generally as animal feed.
The researchers note that use of high temperatures to dry corn gluten meal and corn gluten feed may eliminate any protein that survives the wet-milling process.
In a move that will likely force a temporary halt to the import of corn gluten feed from the United States to the European Union, the European Commission proposed April 12 that all imports of the product be accompanied by a certified guarantee that corn gluten does not contain the genetically modified corn known as Bt-10.
Other additives used in the study also included corn gluten meal and corn gluten feed.
Corn gluten feed pellets Sunflowerseed meal pellets, US 23-24% Arg/Uru 37-38% Jul 10 unq FOB Rotterdam (Euro/metric ton) Spot unq Thailand tapioca hard pellets Palm kernel expellers FOB Rotterdam (Euro/metric ton) Malaysian/Indonesia Spot unq Aug 10 120.