corn field

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a field planted with corn


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The Portrait of a Dominican Monk and The Corn Field were recovered on the same day in 1993.
The soil in the corn fields was as hard as stone: in some places the plow simply bounced along on the surface.
In experimental study of corn field, the sensor provided reliable performance, at maximum two meters per second (6.
Police believe Sarah was abducted after she left her two brothers and sister with whom she had been playing in a corn field.
Once in Kentucky, the path takes you to five cities around the state, through the horse's nose and finally, assuming guests find their way, out of the corn field.
A corn field was flattened so that a Ford Tri-motor could land.
amp;uot;It's as if they bought the most expensive real estate in the mall and the mall turned out to be in a corn field in Iowa,&uot; says, Aram Fuchs, CEO, fertilemind.
For the console and PC versions, gamers must master an arsenal of gadgets, including bottle rocket jet packs, slingshots, yo-yos, cannons, hover boards, and an alien suit to get the characters out of sticky situations like alien invasions, spiraling asteroids and corn field mazes.
Eugene had been checking tracks in the snow and all three hunters thought the buck was staying primarily in one particularly large corn field.
Today's Google Doodle features "Google" written out in a corn field in crop circle format.
At first glance, ``Purple Majesty'' looks like it came out of an Iowa corn field, except that it has dark purple foliage.
Plans call for building a produce stand, corn field maze and pizza- shaped garden on 15 acres at the northwest corner of the college, Pierce College spokesman Mike Cornner said.
obtained significant, positive results from two GOLD'n GRO fertilizer fresh sweet corn field application trials.
Since opening on July 29, the four-acre corn field, which features a two-mile network of confusing pathways, has attracted more than 50,000 guests from all over Southern California and across the globe.
The food and ag pavilion will feature a 1,000 square foot corn field attended to by farmers from around the globe who are waiting to tell you how biotech crops have improved their lives in India, The Philippines, South Africa, France, Germany and five other countries.