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Agricultural Research Service scientists in College Station, Texas, have shown that signals routinely collected by the National Weather Service's (NWS) Doppler radar network could serve as an early-warning system to track the migration of corn earworms and other nighttime traveling pests.
Another key goal was to communicate the technology's value in controlling corn earworm, demonstrating that losing just three kernels per ear could result in a one-bushel yield loss per acre," Kirkpatrick reports.
Plutellidae), obtained from the CPMRU colony; painted apple moth (Teia anartoides Walker, Lymantriidae), examined by authors DMS and SLW in New Zealand because of quarantine restrictions on transport of this Australian species to the US; corn earworm (Helicouerpa zea (Boddie), Noctuidae), obtained from the CPMRU colony, and fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda J.
This nematode is highly specific, known only to infect crop pests such as corn earworms and armyworms.
When corn earworms mate, the males leave their partners with more than just sperm -- they also transfer a substance that makes the females less eager to find other mates.
If corn earworms have attacked yoursweet corn in the past, spray popcorn with Bacillus thuringiensis or carbaryl when silks first appear.
Another potential benefit is staving off the ability of pests like corn earworms to build tolerance to existing sources of resistance--such as that endowed by insecticidal proteins from the soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis, which is used in about 63 percent of U.
Elliger have found that varieties of Physalis (a genus including the tomatillo and cape gooseberry) and of petunia contain chemicals that can dramatically stunt Heliothis zea -- also known, depending on the host, as tomato fruitworms, corn earworms or bollworms.
Other parasitic wasps include Aphytis melinus, which attacks red scale; Metaphycus helvolus, which attacks black scale; and several species of Trichogramma which parasitize the eggs of pest worms such as corn earworms and cabbage worms.
Corn earworms can devastate the yield and appearance of the ear and are therefore a major concern for growers.
Among the top offenders: loopers, cutworms, fruitworms, armyworms, and corn earworms.
nigriceps wasps more often flew to plants signaling attack by tobacco budworms than to those pestered by corn earworms.
Commercial products containing artificial neuropeptides that can be sprayed onto corn earworms, for example, could be developed in about 5 years," says Ronald J.
A microscopic saboteur may deprive corn earworms of their greatest pleasure - feasting on corn plants at farmers' expense.
These include corn earworms, Helicoverpa zea, as well as army-worm,' Pseudoletia unipuncta, tobacco budworm, Heliothis virescens, and fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperdia.