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the hard cylindrical core that bears the kernels of an ear of corn

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The composition of the medium contained the following g/l of distilled water: Corn cob, 20; [Na.
Studies on characterization of corn cob based nanoparticles.
Corn cob (CC) was collected from Kodiang Plantations, Kedah, Malaysia.
The ideal corn cob should feature a pale green husk and the silky threads underneath soft and fresh, while the cob itself should be hard and crisp with no missing kernels.
The Coarse scrub uses corn cob powder as its abrasive and is perfect for metal cookware, dirty sinks and even scrubbing vegetables.
The DuPont BioFuels business strategy is developing and commercializing an upstream biofuel technology to produce cellulosic ethanol that will use non-food energy feedstocks such as corn cob and switchgrass, and a downstream biofuel technology to produce biobutanol, a high-performance biofuel that can be delivered through existing gasoline distribution channels.
Agro-residues such as corn cob and wheat bran were chosen for the present investigation for production of xylanases.
I raise beef cattle and prefer to feed corn cob meal because the cob is a good source of roughage for the ruminate digestive system," he says.
When his hometown awards him its highest accolade, the Corn Cob Key, John ignores the advice of his publicist Maggie (Poehler) and takes time out from a book tour to surprise his mother, Beverly (Sarandon).
This is a blend of corn cob and purple rice from China to gently exfoliate and Amazonian Capuaca Butter to hydrate.
Previously-used carbon types stored 142 times its own volume at 500 per square inch pressure, well below the target set by the US Department of Energy, which is the 180 ratio achieved by the recycled corn cob waste.
Hold the corn zipper in one hand, the corn cob in the other and with the smiling face gazing up, you pull down and whole rows of corn fall off the cob.
recently won a Gold Award from the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) for production of Brakes Cut Corn Cob and Butter Portions.
It makes you appreciate that we have come a long way in hygienic comfort when we can nip down to the shop for a four-pack of luxury softness rather than suffer the rigours of a corn cob.