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the hard cylindrical core that bears the kernels of an ear of corn

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Evaluation of corn cob mix in organic finishing pig nutrition.
The compound is recoverable from corn cobs, whole corn kernels, and corn tortillas.
China burns a lot of crop and forestry byproducts such as paddy hulls, saw dusts, corn stover, and corn cobs as a waste.
In microbial xylitol production from corncobs the cobs are first bydrolysed to produce xylose from hemicelluloses by acid hydrolysis and the corn cob hydrolysate is then used as the medium for xylitol production by xylose utilizing organisms [17].
In laboratory studies, the two engineered microbes helped boost methyl halide production from switch grass, corn cob husks, sugar cane waste, and poplar wood to levels with commercial potential.
Especially as these ones arrived with an Everest of chips and yet another corn cob, plus some mixed leaves.
Corn shelled with a hand sheller is full of "bees' wings," little bits of corn cob.
While I nibbled on a corn cob, which had a delicious chargrilled flavour.
At the same time, Greyfriars has launched a disposable corn cob eating utensil to encourage consumers to view cobs as a convenient option and in doing so drive sales.
has threatened legal action if the Government refuses to back down, saying: 'If a single corn cob is found contaminated with the GM we will lose our organic status.
Second category feed (rye, lupine hull, apple pomace, corn distiller's grain, corn cob, barley, beet pulp, rice bran, wheat bran, and corn gluten feed) emitted lower C[H.
Table 1: Means Comparison plant density Corn cob (plant/ha) Seed row Seed in row length (cm) 70000 16.