corn chip

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thin piece of cornmeal dough fried

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This industry comprises establishments primarily responsible for manufacturing potato chips, corn chips, and similar snacks.
Dippables: Bruschetta, crostini, corn chips, pita chips OR yucca chips
Kelly and her bandmates are seen sitting in a flat listening to their new single, Come Dig Me Out, while munching on the corn chips.
Among Nichols's innovations are jicama for cool crunch and corn chips instead of toasted croutons for crispness.
Promotes Relaxation," says Robert's American Gourmet Kava Kava Corn Chips.
He continued on the long plane ride home, where a bag of corn chips signaled a return to Western food.
Even the corn chips which have become a part of the North American snack food diet are a Mexican concoction, from the recipe of an Oaxacan who for a while took up digs in the American Southwest.
In studying acids from other foods, the researchers found that starchy snacks like corn chips promote much more acid plaque than peanuts or popcorn.
popchips, one of the hottest snacks brands in north america and the uk, is a delicious line of popped potato, tortilla and corn chips with all the flavor and half the fat of fried chips.
But she only falls for the hunk after watching him make Walkers corn chips.
Teamed with its Mexico-based sister company Sabritas, Frito-Lay offers a wide variety of chips aimed at the Hispanic market, including Sabritas Adobadas, tomato and chile potato chips; Churrumais, fried corn strips with chile and lime seasonings; and Fritos Sabrositas, lime and chile corn chips.
Did you know that potato chips, corn chips, and popcorn rank 11th among all foods in the amount of fat which they supply to US adults?
Fraser's crustless quiche--almost an omelet--has a regional flavor that comes from corn chips and salsa.