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large voracious dark-colored long-necked seabird with a distensible pouch for holding fish

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Caption: ABOVE: CH-149 Cormorant Helicopters are on standby at Sydney Airport just before departing for Search and Rescue Mission Cougar 91.
However, the number of cormorants wintering and roosting on inland water seem to have increased dramatically and up to date information is needed.
The studied colony was the largest cormorant colony in the North Bohemia.
The cormorant is often referred to as the Liver Bird, and is used widely in the city.
So Burga sent chemicals and protocols to Verdugo, who took DNA from another species, the neotropic cormorant, and sent it to Burga.
Based on mounting research pointing to IL-8 being an important driver of malignant tumors, HuMax-IL8 was acquired from Genmab A/S and taken into development by Cormorant.
Though the circumstances under which Cecil was killed are vastly different from the ones under which sea lion, cormorant, and barred owl slaughters are being carried out in the US, the global outrage at the lion's death highlights how a focus on the individual can help a species as a whole.
A total of 5 Pelagic Cormorant nests were found at 2 colonies (1 known and 1 new) in WQCS in 2014 (Table 1).
Cormorant fishing technique is still a popular tradition among tourists visiting these parts," adds the artist.
The flat, at Cormorant Drive in Dunston, is situated on the top floor and briefly comprises two double bedrooms, one with French doors overlooking the river, a large lounge with a Juliette balcony, a modern kitchen with white goods and a family bathroom.
The Brent line was closed on Saturday when a leak was discovered on the Cormorant Alpha platform it runs through.
The Brent North Sea oil system was shut on Saturday due to a leak at the Cormorant Alpha platform.
The cormorant, alongside the grey heron and the kestrel, is one of a handful of birds that is universally recognised, even by people with little or no knowledge of birdwatching.
The Cormorant Alpha was shut down last night while TAQA Bratani, who own and operate the platform, investigated.