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large voracious dark-colored long-necked seabird with a distensible pouch for holding fish

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Although the inspiration for the Liver Bird on Liverpool's crest is disputed, some say it is based on a cormorant, which were a common site on the Mersey hundreds of years ago, with a piece of "leaver" seaweed in its mouth.
The herons range from Saco Bay to Muscongus Bay and the cormorants from outer Penobscot Bay to Jericho Bay, he said.
In the burnt wood and glass sculptures titled ' Cormorant Fishing' and ' Cormorant Fish Hunting' he casts a discerning eye on corporate lives, provoking viewers to think about how lives are controlled within office cubicles.
On 11, 12, and 15 May, times for the first cormorant of the day to enter the water were 0551, 0557, and 0555, respectively, or just prior to dawn.
The Cormorant - 232 miles north-east of Peterhead - remains closed.
The UK holds internationally important wintering numbers of cormorant and the RSPB believes placing the birds on General Licence could prove disastrous as it could lead to uncontrolled killing of the species.
The company has now confirmed that it is safe to reopen the Brent system, while the Cormorant Alpha platform remains closed.
The pipeline system for up to 27 oil fields was stopped and 92 workers airlifted from the Cormorant Alpha during January's leak.
Should the discovery be commercial, the field will be developed under the name 'Cormorant East' and production will be processed through the North Cormorant platform.
Adelaide, Australia, Sep 24, 2012 - (ABN Newswire) - Minotaur Exploration Limited (ASX:MEP) is pleased to report the results of drilling at the Cotswold and Cormorant Iron Oxide Copper-Gold (IOCG) targets north of Cloncurry under joint venture with JOGMEC, the Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (Figure 1, 2 - see link below).
I think there are much more important subjects in life than to have a Cormorant on the front page.
Washington, August 1 ( ANI ): A South American sea bird called an imperial cormorant left researchers astonished as it became "superbird" - diving 150 feet underwater in 40 seconds, feeding on the ocean floor for 80 seconds where it eventually caught a snakelike fish, before returning to the surface 40 seconds later.
Because hydrogen isotope ratios in precipitation vary by latitude, the team could measure hydrogen in cormorant plumage to estimate where along the migration route a feather developed.
The daring cliff-side rescue of a lucky British Columbia hiker, which pushed both the rescue crew and their search and rescue helicopter to the limits, has been selected for this year's winner of the Cormorant Trophy for Helicopter Rescue.
Under the services contract Wood Group PSN will provide operations and maintenance support and engineering and construction services to Taqa's Cormorant Alpha, North Cormorant, Tern and Eider platforms in the Northern North Sea.