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solid swollen underground bulb-shaped stem or stem base and serving as a reproductive structure

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Indeed, Corm said that the most dangerous impact the global financial turmoil could have on Lebanon would come from the crisis in the Gulf, where a huge number of Lebanese expatriates live.
The more exciting common name is only really a reference to the fact that the flowers emerge before the foliage, which normally appears in late winter and lasts until May or June, generating sugars and starches to restore the corms in readiness for the following autumn's spectacular display of flowers again.
This way the corms are less likely to dry out too quickly and the soil around them may protect them from violent fluctuations in temperatures.
I have managed for some years to leave some out on the vegetable plot on a corner I keep for cut flowers but after a year or two you end up with so many young cormlets not producing flowers that it is necessary to lift them out, separate these away and plant only the bigger corms to ensure good flowering the following season.
Even if the stalk is killed by cold temperatures, the corm may survive and produce new stalks the following spring.
The top of the corm should be level with the potting compost.
But on their backs will be a new corm which will flower next year - and around the join between the old and new corms there will be clusters of cormlets about the size of a large grain of rice.
Water into the saucer,never from above because moisture on the corm can cause rot.
You can buy one Begonia corm for as little as pounds 1.
Routinely dust the corm with sulphur to prevent rot.
If planting corms in the ground (in late April), take a plug out of the earth with a bulb planter, fill to about two inches from the top with compost, plant the corm and fill with more compost.
If you want to plant in grass, use a long, thin cabbage trowel or a broken wooden spade handle to plunge into the turf 15cm deep, dropping one corm into each hole as you go.
A contemporary of such Lebanese modernists as Saliba Douaihy, Saloua Raouda Choucair and Paul Guiragossian -- the latter the subject of a major retrospective currently on show at the Beirut Exhibition Center -- Corm was a European-trained classicist and outspoken dissident to modernism.