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Synonyms for corky

displaying light-hearted nonchalance

Synonyms for corky

(of wine) tainted in flavor by a cork containing excess tannin


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But, like Corky, we as viewers are not certain through most of the film that Violet is actually sincere in her desire to escape with Corky and the money.
3) The competing, dialogic and often contradictory discourses which invest the term "lesbian," (4) are mapped onto the bodies of both Violet and Corky, and exist in a dialogic conversation with lesbian-feminism, lesbian-separatism, lesbian "chic," the recent reiterative citation of historical butch/femme cultures, the current privileging of gender transitivity as the mark of queerness, and an entire host of psychodynamics overlapping with each of these events.
Sea World said that it would be difficult for Corky to readapt to life in the open sea.
Photo: At soil level, blackish-brown, corky mass near rose's base indicates that infection took place at or near the bud union
We couldn't have asked for a better partner than Stratford Land to help us fulfill the dream and vision of Millenia, the heart of South County's future," said Scott McMillin, chairman of the board of The Corky McMillin Companies.
I am honored to have been selected to lead the SDSU's Corky McMillin Center for Real Estate," said Eisenberg.
gt;> CORKY ROMANO: Chris Penn is the Mafia muscle outed by his effeminate heterosexual brother, Corky (Chris Kattan).
It takes time for new signings to bed in, but Corky will get results and he'll do well for Cardiff.
Neither I nor my mates Corky, Little Carl, Phil, Barry, Gareth, Cliff, Gerald, Derwyn, Mervyn, Bobby and Denzil even noticed it was closing time.
The seller was Corky Pork Partners, led by Tommy Hilburn.
A GROUP of schoolgirls are making the ultimate sacrifice to help our campaign to free Corky the killer whale.
The wind came up early and brew hard at Marina Green along San Francisco Bay May 22, as members of the Free Corky Banner Caravan [aid out the world's longest banner, more than a mite long.
The Free Corky Project is sponsored by In Defense of Animals, a California-based animal rights advocacy group, and endorsed by 18 other groups worldwide.
Corky started the Torque Converter Rebuilding Association, a non-profit organization that promoted sharing experiences and new ideas to the industry.
Anne Herbst of KUSA and Jonathan Malat of KARE garnered six honors in the photography and editing categories while Corky Scholl of KUSA received five.