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In order to increase the exports of coriander and to leave the fertile lands in Delta and Nile valley for the strategic crops we tried to study the behavior of coriander plants in Sinai.
Coriander plants were harvested on 20 April in both seasons at full fruits ripening by uprooting the plants from the soil by hand.
Data on survival percentage in Table (1) reveal that growing coriander plants under saline soil (North Sinai) caused a reduction in survival percentage compared to non saline soil (Giza) in both seasons.
Coriander plants can withstand NaCl salinity up to the concentration of 3000 ppm.
From the data in Table (1), it is obvious that, spraying coriander plants growing at North Sinai (saline soil) with ascorbic acid, salicylic acid or ascorbic acid + salicylic acid had a stimulator effect on survival percentage.
Data presented in Tables (1-3) indicated that growing coriander plants at Giza (non saline soil) or North Sinai (saline soil) showed significant increase in plant height, number of branches, number of umbels, weight of seeds and straw (g/plant and kg/feddan), seeds and straw essential oil (% or L/feddan) compared to that control (without foliar spray) during two seasons.
The highest values of plant height, number of branches, number of umbels, weight of seeds and straw (g/plant or kg/feddan) as well as seed and straw essential oil (% or L/feddan) was obtained from coriander plants grown under Giza condition with vitamin c + salicylic acid treatment in both seasons.
This week's winner is April Cooke, of Chesham, Bucks, who says: "Rather than open ground, I grew my coriander plants in pots in the greenhouse this year and got my best ever results.
Our sister had gone to the field to pick coriander plants when she was eve teased by the boys (RSS cadres) from the terrace.
The challenge for me is usually preventing my coriander plants, also known as cilantro, from going to seed.