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either of two Welsh breeds of long-bodied short-legged dogs with erect ears and a fox-like head

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He said later: ``I would not let my corgis, which are the same type of corgis as the Queen's, play around bull terriers.
Corgi, which is based in Leicester, has agreed a deal to buy Cards Inc, which has offices in Solihull and Watford.
The Economic Growth Fund was established to support companies like Corgi to expand, create new jobs and increase exports and continues to support business growth across Wales.
Welsh corgis are liable to bite people's legs because their forebears rounded up sheep by snapping at their feet.
Corgi International also has partnerships with cutting edge technology innovators around the world.
Corgi began in Northampton as Mettoy in 1934 but in the 1950s it moved to Swansea.
Chris Jones, who now runs Corgi Hosiery - the company his great great grandfather started in 1892 - with his sister Lisa Wood, says he was delighted when they saw the photo.
It's feared 31 per cent of those working in the UK aren't registered with CORGI.
HONG KONG -- Corgi International Limited (Nasdaq GM:CRGI) today announced that two of its wholly owned subsidiaries, Popco Entertainment (UK) Limited (formerly Corgi Classics Limited) and Popco Distribution Limited (formerly Cards Inc.
But he continued the installations after ignoring all CORGI correspondence.
2 Lady On My Left (Catherine Cookson, Corgi pounds 5.
If anyone in your house has any of these symptoms whilst using a gas appliance, turn it off until it has been checked by a CORGI registered installer and consult a doctor, mentioning CO poisoning.
Mr Roberts, 80, after whom the Queen apparently named one corgi, told Vanity Fair he had urged her to breed more dogs in 2012.
Only 274 Pembroke Welsh corgi pups were registered in the UK last year, down 16 per cent on 2013.
Only 274 Pembroke Welsh corgi puppies were registered in the UK last year, down 16 per cent on 2013.