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someone having the same religion as another person

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They were told that corruption in the Muslim world was due to Western interference and immorality and that they had to retrieve this lost glory by assisting their oppressed coreligionists.
Approving an inmate's request to limit contact with other inmates to coreligionists only, for example, or to be segregated from persons of a certain belief system that the inmate dislikes or disagrees with, would constitute official favoritism toward religiously motivated association over other associational interests," the brief points out.
If the Iraqi state could offer community leaders and tribes the largesse that characterised patronage politics in the past, they would have an incentive to eject their ISIL coreligionists from the Anbar, Nineveh and Diyala provinces today.
For, it saw 3,000 Sikhs being massacred in Delhi just because the two assassins of Indira Gandhi were their coreligionists.
He finds that, while the Gulf Shia were inspired by their coreligionists in Iraq, Iran, and Lebanon, they ultimately pursued greater rights through a nonsectarian, nationalist approach.
Indeed, while it is often assumed that the Mudejar communities were weak, struggling, and cut off from support because of their geographical location outside dar it is shown here that they provided crucial services to their coreligionists in Andalus and North Africa, particularly evident in the ransom and emancipation of Muslim captives.
Aligarh emerged as a crucial venue for multiple and diverse dialogues with their coreligionists, co-inhabitants, the West, and the Muslim world.
Two days ago, Mriv, the Israeli newspaper, mentioned that hundreds of Druze soldiers in the Israeli army have expressed their willingness to go to Syria and take part in the fighting there to "protect" their coreligionists, who are coming under attack from Al-Ansar Front (probably Al-Nusra Front), in the Druze village of Khadr.
What will they ask of our coreligionists, among the executives of Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns?
Globalization not only causes American Christians to encounter members of other religious traditions, it also puts them in touch with coreligionists from other cultures--fellow pilgrims whose journey of faith is at once shared and alien.
Yet, what we do know is that Iran has regarded the Sunni radicals in Iraq, like it views al Qaeda, as its enemies, and indeed reached out to its Shia coreligionists in Iraq to encourage a cease-fire with U.
Media in Iran and Hezbollah give positive coverage to Bahrain's Shi'ite opposition, and Iraqi Shi'ites often demonstrate in support of their Bahraini coreligionists.
In the middle ages Jewish converts to Christianity were prominent among those eager to give public testimony against their still benighted former coreligionists, even if this meant admitting that, yes, Jewish males do menstruate, just as many Christian theologians alleged.
It is contended here that the Aksumite-H[dotbelow]imyarite conflict in the sixth century was not, as is often assumed, a series of proxy wars through which the Romans and Sasanids sought to gain rival spheres of influence in South Arabia, with the Romans supporting their Ethiopian coreligionists against an alleged H[dotbelow]imyarite-Sasanid axis.
He succeeds admirably in remaining evenhanded, a particularly notable achievement since his great-great-uncle Moses Montefiore, an English financier, was foremost among the wealthy European Jews seeking to ameliorate the dreadful conditions under which their coreligionists lived in Ottoman-ruled 19th century Jerusalem.