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someone having the same religion as another person

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approach to coreligionist commerce, while still avoiding any need to
Case in point, this week the Orthodox community in Lebanon ignored what their coreligionists in Jerusalem are up to, instead attacking only Israel for grabbing land.
Joel Mergui, president of the Consistoire, the organization responsible for providing religious services to Jewish communities, said that after reading about the circular, he was "amazed to discover" that he "suddenly and collectively, with all the coreligionists of the Jewish faith, become a potential chicken thief," Mergui, a physician and one of French Jewry's most highly-regarded leaders, told the La Croix daily Friday.
The writers point out that the World Vision memo only focused on preferential hiring of coreligionists and federal grant money.
As leaders and senior figures of faith communities, we urge our coreligionists and others to think about the implications of a leave vote for the things about which we are most passionate.
Having expressed sorrow over a vacant presidency for nearly three years in a row, the bishop underscored the misery of displacement meted to Syrian and Iraqi coreligionists and blamed super power inaction for all of that saying that superpowers seem in a firm grip of a deep moral or spiritual crisis.
At times, the narrative proceeds along, and shuttles between, two separate tracks: the demonizing of the comic book and the American Jewish response to the trial of its junior coreligionists.
Unlike many of my coreligionists, however, I view that there are often other realities that must be considered in the face of negative blanket "othering.
Muslim moderates, wherever they are, must be given every tool to win a war of ideas with their coreligionists.
Only Muslims are in a position to marginalize and delegitimize their extremist coreligionists.
The Ottomans were well aware of the Indian Muslim presence in the British lines, and they moved promptly to exploit their status as coreligionists.
The project will focus not only on internal German-Jewish developments, but also on the interactions between Jews and non-Jews in Germany on the one hand, and between the German Jews and their east-European coreligionists on the other hand.
Saudi Shias, long regarded by the kingdom's official Wahhabi Sunni school as heretics, have for decades been tarred by many compatriots as more loyal to their coreligionists across the Gulf than to the Saudi ruling dynasty.
Many Sunni clerics in Saudi Arabia have recently appealed to Sunnis to support their coreligionists in Yemen following capture of Sana'a by Al Houthi rebels on September 21.
Article 16 of the Geneva Convention of 1929, regarding treatment of POWs, stipulates that prisoners are to have "complete freedom in the performance of their religious duties" and allows for fellow prisoners who are ministers "freely to minister to their coreligionists.