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Corelations Public Relations Agency Anja Schlumberger, Phone: +49-40-6461-5291 Cornelia Busse, Phone: +49-40-6461-5305 Wandsbeker Strasse 3-7, 22172 Hamburg Fax: +49(0)40-6461-5492 E-mail: anja.
Fig 5 shows results of the principal components analysis referring to selected parameters of group IV which, due to coefficient values of corelation with the principal components and corelations among one another, were chosen for describing asphalt mixtures resistance to permanent deformations.
Deliverv Speed (a) (1) Dess & Davis, (2) Miller, (3) Kim & Lim, (4) McDougall & Robinson, (5) Carter et al Table 2 Corelations among Performance Variables Growth Growth Revenue Rate Potential Sales 1 Growth Rate .
189) TABLE 4 SPEARMAN RHO CORELATIONS BETWEEN SENDER STRATEGY MEASURES AND PERFORMANCE (AND TWO-TAILED PROBABILITIES) Receiver REG-based Measure ratings z scores ratings z scores How engaging did you find the video .
In group 1-hemiplegic, diplegic, tetraplegic ones-for evaluation of hand functions, between MACS and BFMF, a strong positive corelation was determined (r=0,897, p<0,001); while evaluating the relations between hand functions and severity of CP, both relations between MACS and GMFCS and BFMF and GMFCS, were represented significantly important corelations (rs=0.