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We might, therefore, be advised to accept Yue's bracketing of [X] [[CHINESE CHARACTER NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII TEXT] Y], and presumably [X] [[CHINESE CHARACTER NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII TEXT] Y] and [X] [[CHINESE CHARACTER NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII TEXT] Y] as well, with the condition that while all three are coreferential to, and resumptive of [X], they differ in regard to the psychological or mental deictic scope.
As in infinitive clauses, the subject is in the accusative when expressed overtly as in (8), but is not expressed overtly when coreferential with a main clause argument as in (9).
Since epistemic vigilance over coreference is imperfect and since knowledge requires perfection, we can never know that our efforts to employ coreferential mental terms have succeeded.
a coreferential subject is more natural than a non-coreferential subject.
I am troubled in the first place by the extent to which Chrudzimski relies on two questions of contemporary analytic philosophy as a framework for understanding Brentano's early theory of intentionality, concerning existential generalization and intersubstitution of coreferential terms and logically equivalent sentences salva veritate in intensional linguistic contexts expressing intentional states or so-called propositional attitudes.
A proximate participant NP and a proximate possessor NP within a clause must be coreferential (Dahlstrom 1986:119; Wolfart and Carroll 1981: 26-27).
In clauses like They called her Hilda or I declare you the winner the two objects are coreferential and therefore do not constitute two separate participants.
But not being coreferential with t1, the complementizer is not a proper governor; t1 therefore is not properly governed and for this very reason the sentence is ungrammatical.
In his much longer discussion of Frege's Paradox, Swindler entertains standard problems about the substitutivity of coreferential terms in intentional and modal contexts.
A number of control constructions require certain arguments to be omitted when subjects of structurally related clauses are coreferential.
See also Haiman (1981: 354) for Hua, in which dative shift is possible only if the benefactive is not coreferential with the agent.
hitting one's head or body) is marked by a coreferential reflexive pronoun (see Figure 5b).
On the other hand, if mo is used REFERENTIALLY, it would indicate that the locality expressed by ka mo meetseng is coreferential with the locality referred to earlier in the discourse, that is, ka meetseng, and the function of mo would therefore be to mark the information as given or definite information.
According to Moreno Cabrera (1999), there are at least two types of agreement in Spanish: coreferential agreement, if the units are all referential nuclei, and proper agreement, if one of the linguistic units is predicative and receives the referential content via an extensional nucleus.
Coreferential objects in German: experimental evidence on reflexivity.