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related by sharing a symbolic link to a concrete object or an abstraction

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The resulting high score for the contextually sensitive, literal interpretation of kick the bucket will win out over the idiomatic reading, since the latter will be penalized for having to ignore the available coreferent for the bucket.
If, by contrast, the agent does not find a strong coreferent for bucket, it will happily use the idiomatic reading (die) that does not require one.
For example, understanding that coreferent entities such as "kyrgyzstan" and "kyrgyz republic" are the same entity and, as a result, should have the same labels and relations improves the quality of predicted labels and relations while also resolving ambiguity about these entities.
By combining the extractions that "kyrgyz republic" is located in Asia, and hence has label "country," that "kyrgyz republic" and "kyrgyzstan" are coreferent, and that "bird" and "country" are mutually exclusive, we are able to remove the erroneous "bird" label.
That is, -ini has the following argument structure <causer, causee, PRED>, where the S/A of the predicate denoting the caused event is coreferent with the causee argument.
The results of our mapping approach from a single instance to a set of entity types allows us to cluster candidate coreferent instances by entity types.
Gender systems allow for reduction of coreferent participants (to either free pronominal forms or verbal affixes) on the basis of inherent features of the referent rather than assigned features (Comrie 1989), and irrespective of the semantic or syntactic function of that participant.
It shows that a pronoun can be coreferent with a DP separated from the pronoun by an LD-Ger construction.
The test instance is given to the learned concept description for classification as either coreferent or not, and the decision is returned to the information-extraction system.
Typically, they have claimed that when an object is coreferent with the subject in a Middle English sentence, it will tend to be realized as a personal pronoun when the verb is introverted but as a personal pronoun and a "self" intensifier when the verb is extroverted.
When the second clause can be viewed, by its semantics, as the result of the first clause, then the second coreferential NP can be deleted when its coreferent of the first clause functions as the O-argument there.
16a), in which he should be interpreted as coreferent with Papa, provides one more typical example of a discourse-old nonextraposed infinitival VP subject.
In (11a) the embedded subject of the nonfinite complement him cannot be coreferent with the subject of the matrix verb.
Various aspects of its grammar encode person and number; four persons (1, 2, 3 coreferent, 3 disjoint) and three numbers (singular, dual, plural) are normally differentiated.
Table 1 shows that utterances WITH subject are seldom (on average 25% of the time) preceded by an utterance with a coreferent NP.