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related by sharing a symbolic link to a concrete object or an abstraction

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It shows that a pronoun can be coreferent with a DP separated from the pronoun by an LD-Ger construction.
As shown by (67), a pronoun cannot be coreferent with a DP separated from the pronoun by an intervening LD-Eng construction.
Furthermore, Faltz (1985: 243) argues that a "pronoun plus self" form tends to be used in Middle English when "self marks an object coreferent with the subject when the verb is not normally reflexive" (i.
16a), in which he should be interpreted as coreferent with Papa, provides one more typical example of a discourse-old nonextraposed infinitival VP subject.
In (11a) the embedded subject of the nonfinite complement him cannot be coreferent with the subject of the matrix verb.
Various aspects of its grammar encode person and number; four persons (1, 2, 3 coreferent, 3 disjoint) and three numbers (singular, dual, plural) are normally differentiated.
Table 1 shows that utterances WITH subject are seldom (on average 25% of the time) preceded by an utterance with a coreferent NP.