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Afin de multiplier les coreferences et de ne pas les cantonner a l'initiative humaine, les corps des bovins sont aussi modifies pour atteindre ces intermediaires.
It contains modules for Named Entity Recognition, coreference resolution, concept discovery, discourse reasoning and attribute value extraction [11];
Constructing a knowledge graph is challenging because of the many interactions between uncertain extractions, coreferences, ontological information, and facts in the knowledge graph.
Knowledge graph identification also incorporates entity coreferences, a feature missing from the NELL data.
The parser output for each sentence is a morpho-lexical analysis, one or more (in case of ambiguities) syntactic dependency trees, one or more SNs, and intrasentential and intersentential coreferences determined by a hybrid rule-statistical coreference resolution module.
Schlesinger, "Play the Language: Play Coreference," in Proc.