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the grammatical relation between two words that have a common referent

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For instance, in the syntax, appositional coreference typically holds between functional categories, as in the fact (that) the wall collapsed; while in (16) and (17) the apposition relates two contentive categories.
Most often IE is limited to "the 60% barrier" because of erroneous system choices in the recognition of coreferences between entities and events; another possibility is that this barrier is due to the shallow analysis potential since IE avoids interpretation of implicit relationships and deep inference [1].
Since epistemic vigilance over coreference is imperfect and since knowledge requires perfection, we can never know that our efforts to employ coreferential mental terms have succeeded.
As will be discussed in more detail later, monitoring the coreference of core arguments is central to the reference tracking mechanism I employ (Foley and Van Valin 1984: 321ff.
Another path of possible improvement is to test the language-independence aspect of higher-level processing stages, such as anaphora and coreference resolution and also semantic entity resolution and demonstrate whether this sort of framework is able to support multiple different languages withing its processing pipeline, an important requirement for using data sourced from the Web.
My 1975 book has a separate chapter on Coreference and sentence stress in Polish, discussing, for example, transitive structures like Czytalem wczoraj ksiazke.
Such pronominal encoding under coreference in a subsequent clause is naturally achieved by ellipsis in Lao, as in many languages.
LingPipe processes text, exposing sentence boundaries, named entities and coreference relations in an API and XML output.
1976b "Negation and coreference in English and Polish", Papers and Studies in Contrastive Linguistics 5: 111-116.
Unsupervised learning of contextual role knowledge for coreference resolution.
bond 'union' (masculine)), in order to exclude coreference problems.
Numerous, differing referring expressions may be assigned by the reader to the same character, even if coreference cannot be linguistically decided.
2000): Coreference and Representationalism, in von Heusinger, K.
In Hornstein's (2001) analysis, for instance, pronominal binding only emerges as last resort option if movement and thus anaphoric binding is illicit, and Zwart (2002) suggests that all instances of nonaccidental coreference are based on a sisterhood relation between antecedent and bindee, which inevitably yields anaphoric binding, whereas pronominal binding can only be the result of accidental coreference (which does not involve a single constituent in the beginning).
Reference, Coreference, Referring, and the Dual Structure of Narrative.