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Synonyms for core

Synonyms for core

a point of origin from which ideas or influences, for example, originate

Synonyms for core

a small group of indispensable persons or things

Related Words

the center of an object

the central part of the Earth

a cylindrical sample of soil or rock obtained with a hollow drill

Related Words

an organization founded by James Leonard Farmer in 1942 to work for racial equality

the central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work

(computer science) a tiny ferrite toroid formerly used in a random access memory to store one bit of data

the chamber of a nuclear reactor containing the fissile material where the reaction takes place

a bar of magnetic material (as soft iron) that passes through a coil and serves to increase the inductance of the coil

Related Words

remove the core or center from

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SteelVine Series 3 Core storage processors perform 38 percent faster and consume 33 percent less power compared to the previous generation of SteelVine products.
35 tons/hr for 8 hr/day VOC emission rate of 40 lb/day Core storage for 12 hr after production Scenario #2 PUNB core production and storage Production rate of 4.
TCG and Members Demonstrate Trusted Enterprise and Push Adoption; Final Core Storage Specification Available
The capacity of this core storage creates a cushion to avoid production holdups from coreroom maintenance or unplanned downtime.
The Compellent SAN was also selected as a core storage component of the MPSC's virtual data center and disaster recovery strategy.
We now have a core storage platform able to meet the diverse needs of our clients far into the future.
Core Storage--Figure 5 is a prime example of what can happen when improper core storage techniques are used.
NYSE Arca: CML) today announced that Microsoft Corporation has selected the Compellent storage area network (SAN) as a core storage component of the Microsoft Partner Solution Center's (MPSC) virtual data center and disaster recovery strategy.
Prepare additional test cores and place them in the production core storage area for different periods of time up to several weeks (if that is possible with production cores).
Electron also announced the acquisition of the phone number 1-866-STORAGE to complement the core Storage.
As we increase sales of our core storage products, we will see an increase in recurring revenue from warranty and maintenance contracts, which will contribute to higher margins.
This allowed SMI to begin synchronous coremaking within the foundry, which eliminated core storage.
As a Microsoft Gold Partner, LeftHand Networks has been working with the Windows Core Storage team for more than a year on integrating, testing, and performance-tuning their iSCSI SAN systems with Windows Server 2008, and we are pleased that they are participating in the launch," said Tony de Freitas, Director, Windows Server at Microsoft.
The Density Dynamics proprietary design utilizes DRAM memory for "hot" core storage functions and flash for backup, all in a uniquely compact 3.