core memory

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(computer science) a computer memory consisting of an array of magnetic cores

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Item 2: Asus Chromebook with 4GB core memory - Asus C200MA-EDU2
Patented SideTap[TM] technology leverages MicroSD card with integrated OTA capability to deliver true mobile commerce experience, without losing core memory card functionality
Spansion is uniquely positioned in the embedded market with new opportunities to expand beyond its core memory business," said Barnes.
The 701 cost over $1 million, used magnetic core memory that was priced at $1 Per bit, and had to be refrigerated.
We expect it to become one of our core memory products in the future.
The website also shows how far Silicon Mountain Holdings has advanced with its strategy of expanding beyond its core memory business into the high-growth, high-margin storage, server, and high-performance computer markets.
25% is welcome news as it demonstrates even further demand in our core memory distribution business.
In less than 21 months, we have taken Xiran from a development stage entity to a viable board-level solution provider serving customers, complementary to our core memory business customer base, in the emerging content delivery and networked storage markets.
The coolSRAM-1T[TM] core memory cell employs a transistor and a structural capacitor to implement the storage cell.
The dispute with Atmel is over a design technology that has no bearing on SST's core memory technology.
It was made possible with the use of transistor and core memory technology, so some of these machines including the PDP-8 could even fit on a (large) desktop.