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examination of tissues or liquids from the living body to determine the existence or cause of a disease

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Outcomes of small renal mass needle core biopsy, nondiagnostic percutaneous biopsy, and the role of repeat biopsy.
Mammograms failed to identify the lesion and a clinical core biopsy was taken.
The results of an FNA or core biopsy, if these have been needed, generally take a few days to come through," said Dr Qadir.
The core biopsy demonstrated features of granulomatous mastitis.
The problem is that core biopsy only samples a small area of lesion--and micro- or frank invasion might be missed.
The referring doctor would (and should) seek FNAC and/or core biopsy to determine the nature of the lump even if the mammogram was negative.
While needle biopsy does not appear to have efficacy, core biopsy where feasible may provide a diagnosis.
But a UHB spokeswoman explained a breast core biopsy was taken the same day as a mammogram if a mass was detected.
The money has been used to buy a digital Faxitron machine, which takes X-rays of core biopsy specimens to help diagnose cancer.
Guests also will see new mammography and stereotactic core biopsy equipment that minimizes the invasiveness of surgical biopsy.
Significantly longer core biopsy specimen with mean length for OnControl at 15.
The study evaluated a total of 35 patients undergoing ultrasound-guided biopsies using Smart Fusion between February 2013 and May 2014, including 33 liver lesion biopsies, one renal core biopsy and one renal lesion biopsy.
Recent reports suggest that using larger bore needles (11 gauge or larger) for core biopsy may improve the accuracy of the diagnosis and may potentially obviate the need for surgical excision.