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firewood cut and stacked in cords

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There was also a recent installation of a pellet and cordwood boiler system in a new high-end residence in Thorne Bay on Prince of Wales Island.
There's nothing worse than buying wines and then finding them stacked like cordwood at the store for not much more than you paid for your bottle.
To one side lay a pile of amputated, mangled limbs, stacked like cordwood.
The little house is stone-floored and reflects a mishmash of Building techniques: walls of wattle and daub Between hemlock and hr branches, cordwood, and cob.
Lots of big snook around, and they aren't hard to find--watch for them creeping along the beaches in the first trough, or lying around jetty rocks like cordwood.
In the aftermath, Westermann would see the bodies of dead sailors "stacked there like cordwood.
keeps stacking bodies like cordwood and sullying its name internationally with horrific headlines that sound more Karbala than Compton, Fallujah than Alhambra, Baghdad than Baldwin Park.
The cordwood cottage built by former Sojourners staffers Scot and Linda DeGraf about 90 minutes from our Washington, D.
There were these big draft horses that would carry cordwood, or equipment, or were used by the fire department.
Cordwood hearths captured more than 17% of the market, and electric units accounted for 15.
It offers up step-by-step instructions for building an octagonal cordwood masonry guesthouse with a living roof and floating slab foundation--for under, $6,000.
Stoneview is the name of a specific cordwood masonry timber-framed guesthouse that garnered so much attention that Roy (founder, Earthwood Building School, New York) wrote this manual so readers could replicate the building.
Cordwood systems are economically feasible but labor-intensive.
Wilkins, a non-union summer lackey, remembers the coffins stacking up like odoriferous cordwood, their contents ripening by the hour; the response of management to complaints about the smell was "Put a bigger clothespin on your nose.