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firewood cut and stacked in cords

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Because of a midsummer thunderstorm, there's now a stack of cordwood sitting near our house.
The video of dozens of flatheads lying exactly as reported--stacked like cordwood with silt laced across the backs of fish--was an Internet sensation among catfishing enthusiasts.
Some rural communities have embraced biofuel systems that burn either cordwood or wood pellets to heat public buildings such as tribal halls, washeterias, and schools.
Cordwood is produced from harvesting standing timber, as are some wood chips.
3 MBF more or less of sawtimber, 534 Cords more or less of hardwood cordwood, and 128 Tons more or less of softwood pulp.
split into stacks Of cordwood in which decades of light are stored.
The murderous Battle of the Wilderness was just getting under way and the war was still roaring on, piling up the bodies like cordwood.
The Valkyries, lumbered with the task of tossing around dead heroes like so much cordwood, were ably represented by Elaine McKrill (Gerhilde), Aviva Fortunata (Helmwige), Rihab Chaieb (Waltraute), Lindsay Ammann (Schwertleite), Mona Somm (Ortlinde), Laura Tucker (Siegrune), Megan Latham (Rossweisse) and Charlotte Burrage (Grimgerde).
and cordwood, Father with your pant-cuffs of smoke, I feel myself
Heading the search for a secure place to store those tubes is the Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NWMO), funded by Canada's four nuclear agencies, which describes the situation this way: "If Canada's entire current inventory of just over two million used fuel bundles could be stacked end-to-end, like cordwood, it would fit into six NHL-sized hockey rinks from the ice surface to the top of the boards.
During processing, he was amazed to see M1 Garands in a warehouse "stacked up like cordwood from floor to ceiling.
Hundreds of caribou were packed like cordwood along a stream 100 yards away.
There's nothing worse than buying wines and then finding them stacked like cordwood at the store for not much more than you paid for your bottle.
Lots of big snook around, and they aren't hard to find--watch for them creeping along the beaches in the first trough, or lying around jetty rocks like cordwood.
What is the proper way to stack cordwood and what is the best method and material to cover it with?