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Synonyms for corduroy

a cut pile fabric with vertical ribs

a road made of logs laid crosswise

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build (a road) from logs laid side by side

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Swishtail's academy upon what are called "mutual principles"--that is to say, the expenses of his board and schooling were defrayed by his father in goods, not money; and he stood there--most at the bottom of the school--in his scraggy corduroys and jacket, through the seams of which his great big bones were bursting--as the representative of so many pounds of tea, candles, sugar, mottled-soap, plums (of which a very mild proportion was supplied for the puddings of the establishment), and other commodities.
Now, William Dobbin, from an incapacity to acquire the rudiments of the above language, as they are propounded in that wonderful book the Eton Latin Grammar, was compelled to remain among the very last of Doctor Swishtail's scholars, and was "taken down" continually by little fellows with pink faces and pinafores when he marched up with the lower form, a giant amongst them, with his downcast, stupefied look, his dog's-eared primer, and his tight corduroys.
He wore a decent square felt hat, a shabby respectable overcoat, a workman's knitted waistcoat, and workman's corduroys, and he carried an umbrella.
Philip found himself sitting between an old labourer in corduroys, with string tied under his knees, and a shiny-faced lad of seventeen with a love-lock neatly plastered on his red forehead.
To begin with, Good insisted upon keeping on his new-found trousers, and a stout, short gentleman with an eye-glass, and one half of his face shaved, arrayed in a mail shirt, carefully tucked into a very seedy pair of corduroys, looks more remarkable than imposing.
CORDUROY CALLING ONCE the preserve of academics, corduroy has found its way back to the fashion fore of late.
Viola Davis will close the 2018 Annual Conference as she discusses her childrens book, Corduroy Takes a Bow.
ShopClues Senior Director- Categories Ritika Taneja lists her top favourites l Corduroy makes a comeback: Corduroy has made a comeback this season as it not only makes for a great fashion statement but is also extremely comfortable due to its soft, rich feel.
WHILE velvet and suede have come roaring back into fashion in recent years, their cousin corduroy has remained a style pariah, encumbered by associations with 1970s smart-casual businessmen and geography teachers (of all eras).
Corduroy makes Leah feel visible and alive as Kristy and Corrine vacillate between ditching her and treating her like their best friend.
Also posted were photos of swatches for corduroy pants and 'Du30 buttons' used in the barong.
Corduroy the cat seems to be getting the most out of this one, having recently turned a record-setting 26 years old - or approximately 120 "cat years.
2014 Deep Research Report on Global and India Corduroy Industry was professional and depth research report on Global and India Corduroy industry.
When my granny had her entire flat decorated in orange velour and brown corduroy, these tiles were all the rage.
Stephanie Dunphy's UNCOMMONLY CORDUROY (9781604683998, $27.