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a fine leather originally made in Cordoba, Spain

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It acts as manager to Cordovan Capital Partners, a private equity investment syndicate based in Northern Ireland.
For outside the waistband wear, I found a Galco Cordovan holster for a GLOCK 30 fit the P30SK adequately.
Made in Northampton the boots come in classic black, brown and cordovan.
Did it come from somewhere in North Africa or was it imported in a book brought from Baghdad during the period of the Cordovan caliphate (Peres 37-45)?
And while we're at it, let's tip our Cordovan hats to a restaurant that charges less than PS2 for soft drinks from the gun and then keeps them topped at no extra cost .
No wonder then that Thomas had launched a vigorous attack on the 'Latin descendants' of the Cordovan philosopher by his De unitate intellectus contra averroistas in 1270 (see Thomas 1994).
At first glance I took in only the brown herringbone suit, the navy raw-silk tie, the plain-toe bluchers--Alden's by the look of them, in Ravello cordovan.
Zanni: Ghe n'era una che avia el mostaz de cordovan, tutto cosid con spag impezad, dove gh'era inchioda i orecchi con boletton da scarpinel; non avia noma un occhio, quattro braccia de vedro e tre gambe, dua de legn e una de travertin, con la schena de carta strazza e la bocca de storion.
Writing around the middle of the third Islamic century, the Cordovan Hadith master Abu Abd Allah b.
There must have been twenty hacked and butterflied pig carcasses rotating in the massive metal lung filled with wood smoke, ash and pig grease--the edges of the meat burnished to black, sheets of their exposed flesh gone cordovan.
Shoes and belts should be made of leather or leather-like materials and the best colors for men are black or cordovan.
Contar vos e de los sus vestimentes e de los sus guarnimentes; el peyor dia de la semana non vistie panyo de lana; assaz prende oro e argento, bien se viste a su talento; brial de xamit se vistie, manto erminio cobrie; nunqua calcava otras capatas sino de cordovan entretalladas, pintadas con oro e con plata, cuerdas de seda con que las ata.
All "exalted art", meaning by exalted "that which captures the fundamental condition of things, is idealistic", he wrote in his 1912 article concerning the Cordovan painter Julio Romero de Torres, whose paintings, according to all the experts, is best defined as idealistic.
When he finally realizes that there is no gold in the cave, he screams in anger and the bats in the cave startle him into a run "where upon the sole of his right shoe split away from the soft cordovan leather" (252).
I am afraid I will leave stains on the plush-covered La-Z-Boy or scratch the cordovan leather couch.