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a fine leather originally made in Cordoba, Spain

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Abdalla Ahmed Abdalla, has called on the political forces to cooperate with the Commission to make a success the complementary elections for the position of the Wali (governor) and the Legislative Assembly of South Cordovan State
4) On a shopping spree in the autumn of 1608, Lady Francis Cecil bought "seven pairs of shoes including three of orange tawny and two of marigold," while her brother William preferred gloves, buying twelve pairs long perfumed, two pairs long cordovan perfumed, and two pairs perfumed fringed with crimson and silver.
142) Like Erhard, Fischer, and others, Jedelshauser observes that the Hutterite leaders wear the best clothes and shoes, and their wives wear fancy silk blouses and skirts on Easter made from materials such as cordovan, swans down, and fine silk, while "the community wears really thick coarse woolen cloth, all from the most terrible materials.
Table 4--Test Method Description Test Description Based on ASTM Method Chemical Resistance to a ASTM D 1308 Resistance variety of 1 hr covered spot test, with a 1 hr chemicals: recovery, evaluating softening, --Water and alcohols discoloration and loss of gloss (ethanol & IPA) using a 1-10 rating where 10 = Best --Household cleaners (no effect) (Fantastic, Formula 409 & Windex) --Stains (mustard & cordovan shoe polish) BHMR Determination of the Based on original ASTM Method D degree of black 3714-82 where 5 = Best marking of coatings by the pendulum apparatus utilizing a rubber block FNMR Determination of the Subjective physical test, ref.
His beautiful silk jacket, khaki trousers, pink shirt, and cordovan loafers were on the dead man.
As only feet remained in my window to shoot, I drew slowly, and when Cordovan leather touched my lips, another big Snuffer was on its way.
Celebrate the towns centennial anniversary with a sumptuous Cordovan potlatch meal featuring Copper River Red Salmon, many varied local foods, music, speeches and more.
Hence, one who worked with cordovan was a cordwainer.
Throughout the history of the English language this processes is well attested since the well-known sherry (1608) to other items such as bikini (1947), champagne (1664), cognac (1594), cordovan (1625), delft (1714), denim (1695), Havana (1711), jersey (1583), limousine (1902), muslim (1609), Parmesan (1556-68), Pils (1961), Pilsen (1939) or Wiener (1889).
Roots, Rock, Remixed compiles the efforts of such remix artists as the Fort Knox Five, DJ Spooky, Cordovan, and Afrodisiac Sound System, and the diversity of their approaches makes this album a fascinating and at times thrilling listen.
And for the man who goes to extremes, Banana Republic's latest fragrance for men is Cordovan.
A friend of mine shot a target recurve and used a really small, slick tab made of cordovan leather.
The best gloves came from Spain' they were made of Cordovan leather and breeches, and stockings, even for the non-elite must never under any circumstances betray a wrinkle.
Originally a worker in cordovan leather, but came to mean a shoemaker.
The investigator took careful note of my office d,cor, plants and curtains evidently witnessing more in my favor than cordovan leather and sports memorabilia would have.