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Synonyms for cordon

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a series of sentinels or of military posts enclosing or guarding some place or thing

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cord or ribbon worn as an insignia of honor or rank

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adornment consisting of an ornamental ribbon or cord

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References in classic literature ?
In short, I was to put a cordon round the whole apartment.
The cordons may have limited visibility to the public, such as a cordon in force at the communal entrance to an apartment block.
But officers later revealed the package was a fake and lifted the cordons while forensic officers combed the bank for clues.
We organised the operation in such a manner that we cordoned the area in two cordons outer and inner.
INVESTIGATION: Police tape cordons off Essex Street, Middlesbrough where a man's body was found today Picture by PETER REIMANN; GRIM FIND: Essex Street in central Middlesbrough which was cordoned off today after a man's body was found in a house.
You may extend your wire cordons as far as 15 feet, meaning that you would have up to 7 1/2-foot branches growing horizontally off either side of the trunk.
6PM: Families are allowed to return to their homes in Benwell Grove and Ladykirk Road after cordons around the West Road are lifted.
When creating a contingency plan, police departments should take into account evacuation plans, pre- and post-bomb cordons, other emergency services, and changing bomb scene objectives.
There were no cordons to speak of and, when you got to that vantage point again on the bridge to look at the ground, it was just a mass of people and you couldn't work out any queues.
Cordons where placed around Woodbridge Road, Alcester Road and Trafalgar Road and all houses in between were evacuated.
PHOTO (1--Color) Deputy Dan Finn cordons off the Saugus High campus Wednesday after a device resembling a bomb was found.
He said the briefing before the 1988 match had mentioned cordons of police checking tickets on the approach to Leppings Lane.