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the basic unit of money in Nicaragua

Spanish explorer who discovered Yucatan (1475-1526)

a city in southern Spain

a city in central Argentina

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Yet the sporty treatment that has gone into the making of the Cordoba SX has done nothing to improve the looks.
After the doctor's death, Cordoba ran the ranch and persuaded Martines to buy in as a partner, investigators said.
Vanella" School of Medical Sciences, National University of Cordoba, Enfermera Gordillo Gomez s/n 5016), Ciudad Universitaria, Cordoba, Argentina; email: ladriandiaz@ gmail.
I decided I need to put a human face to the issue," Cordoba says, noting that there are an estimated 35,000 binational gay couples in the United States.
in this street in Cordoba like so many others, in Cartagena de
On the positive side, with the new Cordoba being bigger than its predecessor (117mm longer, 58mm wider and 17mm taller) it means there is more interior space.
However, Cordoba is known for its spectacular architecture and lavish gardens rather than its banging club scene.
As with all Seats, the new Cordobas are also covered by a three-year/60,000 mile warranty, five years' roadside assistance, and a 12-year anti-perforation body warranty.
During your holiday you will spend two nights at the four star Gran Hotel Lar, Seville, located just a 10 minute walk away from the old town, followed by one night at the three star hotel Selu in the Centre of Cordoba and two further nights at the three star Hotel Alixares, Granada, centrally located and just a step away from the Alhambra Palace.
In Cordoba, Argentina, the Gender Program of the Centro de Comunicacion Popular y Asesoramiento Legal (CECOPAL, Center for Grassroots Communication and Legal Services) recently launched its qualitative study, Nuevos estereotipos, Nuevas intervenciones: Discriminacion de genero en las mujeres de sectores pobres de la Ciudad de cordoba (New Stereotypes, New Interventions: Gender-based Discrimination Against Women in the Poor Sectors of the City of Cordoba).
In the historic district of Madrid, Spain, Florencio Cordoba, 46, closes his famous cape shop, Sesenin, at 2 p.
Next, attention is directed to the three principal cities of Muslim Spain, namely, Cordoba, Seville, and Granada.
The new study, conducted by Claudia Hopenhayn-Rich of the University of California, Berkeley, and her coworkers, examined residents of Cordoba, an agricultural province in central Argentina with little incidence of malnutrition.
The working class protest, popular revolt, and urban insurrection which shook Argentina's second industrial city, Cordoba, on May 29-30, 1969 attracted shortly thereafter the brief but intense interest of scholars, primarily sociologists, who struggled to explain the paradox of a violent urban uprising led by the best paid and presumably most privileged sectors of the Argentine working class.
For some time now, as a result of a collective project in which he participated in 1992 called the Capsula de tiempo Cordoba (Cordoba time capsule), Guzman has observed, scrutinized, and analyzed daily archaeological space.