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the basic unit of money in Nicaragua

Spanish explorer who discovered Yucatan (1475-1526)

a city in southern Spain

a city in central Argentina

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After the meeting with the Head of the Office for Combating Corruption and Quality Management, Erduan KafedA3/4iA, Cordoba pointed out that corruption in BiH affects all citizens and endangers prosperity and sustainable development of the country.
Opus Group AB (STO:OPUS) reported on Friday that its Argentinean subsidiary, Opus Inspection SA, has completed the acquisition of three vehicle inspection concessions in Cordoba, Argentina.
Tenth-placed Cordoba can climb to second with a victory while three points for fifthbottom Mallorca would see them catapulted into the top half.
Early next year, we can put this together,' Cordoba said, adding the final go-signal would come from the Department of Information and Communications Technology.
The living library in Cordoba is now hosting the Oman Message of Islam Exhibition, organized by the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs.
The band has said it still plans to perform shows in Cordoba and Buenos Aires as scheduled.
El objetivo de este trabajo fue analizar el registro paleontologico de las pampas de altura de las Sierras de Cordoba e interpretar su significado bioestratigrafico, geocronologico, paleobiogeografico, paleoclimatico, paleoambiental y aportar un marco para futuros estudios en la region.
Ronaldo was given his marching orders for kicking out at Cordoba defender, Edimar, but the fact is that he was lucky not have been sent off earlier after appearing to try and punch one Cordoba defender at a corner kick 10 minutes earlier, Xinhua News reported Thursday.
Ronaldo also slapped Jose Crespo during the win at Cordoba, but that went unnoticed by referee Alejandro Hernandez Hernandez.
Este trabajo aborda los procesos ocurridos en Cordoba en la primera mitad del siglo XX, y los estudia a traves del analisis de los programas de psicologia dictados en el Instituto de Filosofia de la Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, entre el ano 1937 y 1954.
Por tanto, en un primer momento, nos centraremos en el estudio de estas fuentes, para asi poder desarrollar, con posterioridad, un analisis contrastado que nos posibilite el esclarecimiento de los datos relativos a este lienzo con relacion a la nueva documentacion que hemos localizado en Archivo General del Obispado de Cordoba.
The Journal MVZ Cordoba is a scientific publication of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechny of the University of Cordoba in Monteria, Colombia.
Cordoba: Servicio de publicaciones, Universidad de Cordoba, 2012.
Through complex cultural processes that took over two centuries to play out, La Mulata de Cordoba, with a tenuous basis in an actual historical figure or amalgam of figures, has earned iconic status in contemporary Mexican folklore.
Summary: Moody's Latin America placed the issuer and debt ratings of the Province of Cordoba under review for a possible downgrade.