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explosive powder (nitroglycerin and guncotton and petrolatum) dissolved in acetone and dried and extruded in brown cords

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Also, Cordite had been improved by altering the proportions of its components and forming it into tubes to enable it to burn more efficiently.
Luckily, there's a choice for all of us, unless for some reason you want to load Cordite in your wildcat 6.
Chapter 4 charts the demise of gunpowder following the adoption of cordite as the main propellant for the British services in the 1890s.
My suggestion would be for one called "The Spirit Of The Blitz" that is sold in beautiful handcrafted bottles shaped like the Queen Mum's head and is made up of whelk oil, cordite and rubble dust.
But despite all the pre-season hype which keeps trigger-happy, grouse- shooting enthusiasts counting down the days since their last whiff of cordite, this August 12 is unlikely to go off with too big a bang - there simply aren't enough birds to go round.
Those were a couple of smoking guns, but once again Attorney General Janet Reno doesn't seem able to recognize the odor of cordite.
In a recent interview published in the new Sydney-based poetry tabloid Cordite, John Kinsella discussed his interest in hybridizing, a term he defines as "picking out the eyes of the best and creating some sort of new form that apparently shows us something new.
The gun-house crew perished instantly; one, as he died, involuntarily switched on the loading hoist and sent burning cordite into the turret's depths.
With the smell of cordite in the air and the sound of bullets whistling overhead, visitors will experience the charge of Marines across a wheat field, just as it happened on June 6, 1918.
Address : Works Manager / Pv Cordite Factory Aruvankadu The Nilgiris Tamilnadu 643202
303 Mark I Cordite used the same case loaded with 30 grains of Cordite that propelled a 215-grain FMJ bullet to a velocity of 1970 fps.
Instead of class they inhale the stench of cordite.
Acetone was needed for cordite, a powerful propellant explosive used for firing shells without tell-tale smoke.
Cordite is trying his luck back at seven furlongs at the course where he posted the sole win of his career more than a year ago.