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explosive powder (nitroglycerin and guncotton and petrolatum) dissolved in acetone and dried and extruded in brown cords

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Cordite also won over course and distance last month and Costello is looking forward to both the ride and seeing many of his old mates once again.
It used the same 56mm case loaded with 30 grains of Cordite, which propelled its 215-grain FMJ bullet to a velocity of 1970 fps.
Made for a charge of 43 grains of Cordite and a 310 grain bullet, both of the Rigby cartridges were excellent choices for medium game.
The cloth bags were collected and washed to remove any cordite residue, otherwise their performance could be more explosive than they intended
This discovery led to the building of large industrial plants that produced acetone through fermentation and allayed the shortage of cordite, contributing to the Allied victory over Germany.
The "phoney war" of warm-up matches, as England manager Martin Johnson described it, is over and Lawes is desperate for a whiff of Rugby World Cup cordite.
The cordite had not cleared before the carping began.
After working as a maid, I worked in Marchwiel making cordite explosives for Naval guns.
The new technology developed by Birmingham University researchers will allow the players to sniff out cordite, diesel fumes, and burning rubber.
That was a nice article by Steve Gash (December '08), but there were some omissions, We are led to believe the Mk VII cordite round followed the Mk I black powder round.
Surely Captain Livingston is aware that none of those worthies ever sniffed cordite or heard an angry shot crackle past.
Since England was committed to cordite propellant in a major way during WWI it continued in use even as other more modern propellants were phased into service.
455 Mk I case was shortened when the British switched from black powder to Cordite in the late 1890s.
A HMS Vanguard was destroyed by an internal explosion caused by unstable cordite, on July 7, 1917 at Scapa Flow.