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(of a leaf) shaped like a heart

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However, it differs from Thalassemys due to numerous characters, including: the presence of very wide fontanelles between the costal and peripheral plates, with the free region of the dorsal ribs being very wide relative to the width of these plates, especially the last pairs of costals; absence of the carapace cordiform morphology characteristic of Thalassemys; very wide vertebral scutes; different morphology of the preserved suprapygal; much robust and higher plastral buttresses.
tianmuensis is similar to the species of genus Cardiocladius Kieffer as following characters: mid and hind legs with 2 pseudospurs on ta1, ta2 and ta3; length of ta4 shorter than ta5 in all legs; but can be separated from the species of Cardiocladius on the basis of following points: the ta4 not cordiform and all wing veins without setae.
gibbosa Wang & Liang Genital styles with a cordiform gibba at apically inner margin V.
Black abdomen with golden cordiform area on central dorsal region corresponding to the urticating hair patch (Fig.
The fruit is a round, ovoid, spherical, or cordiform syncarp, 5 to 10 cm in diameter.
0) mm wide; leaves 1-3 nodes below basalmost inflorescences (in sterile portion) 10-18 cm wide, very widely depressed cordiform to very widely depressed ovate (L:W Ratio 0.
This unusual cordiform (heart-shaped) projection was devised in around 1500 by the Viennese cartographer Johannes Stab.
Tongue round to slightly cordiform, posterior two-thirds free.
As such, the fool's cap map from Antwerp is an exemplary illustration of Calvinist aesthetics, since it places a beautiful cordiform representation of the world in the head of a madman, emblematizing the contradiction between humanity's moral depravity and the beauty of God's creation.
9 cm, ovate, chartaceous, basically truncate to cordiform, apically rounded; costal scales 2-4 x ca.
The fossil is most similar to Neviusia cliftonii from Mount Shasta based on o vate to cordiform leaves with coarsely-toothed margins.
Cartographers of Dieppe map out the coastlines of Canada, the Caribbean Islands, and Brazil; Oronce Fine registers the fruits of Verrazano's voyages under Francis I in his cordiform world-map of 1534 (illustrated in Albert Ronsin's article on the teaching of geography at Saint-Die-des-Vosges at the beginning of the sixteenth century, in Lestringant, 64).
The lead paper is Ruth Watson's analysis of cordiform maps in early-modern Europe, derived from her presentation at the Society's Auckland conference in 2014 which won the Dorothy Prescott Prize for best paper.