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in a hearty manner

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Then the private was given a seat at the table, where the other officers welcomed him cordially, and the feasting and merriment were resumed.
My mouthpiece--is of the people: too coarsely and cordially do I talk for Angora rabbits.
At first things were rather uncomfortable, but now we've settled everything capitally-- thanks to my old nurse," she said, indicating Marya Philimonovna, who, seeing that they were speaking of her, smiled brightly and cordially to Levin.
Grimwig, which that eccentric gentleman cordially reciprocated.
Sambo and Quimbo cordially hated each other; the plantation hands, one and all, cordially hated them; and, by playing off one against another, he was pretty sure, through one or the other of the three parties, to get informed of whatever was on foot in the place.
He was cordially welcomed by the goatherds, and Sancho, having as best he could put up Rocinante and the ass, drew towards the fragrance that came from some pieces of salted goat simmering in a pot on the fire; and though he would have liked at once to try if they were ready to be transferred from the pot to the stomach, he refrained from doing so as the goatherds removed them from the fire, and laying sheepskins on the ground, quickly spread their rude table, and with signs of hearty good-will invited them both to share what they had.
The government of Baluchistan is cordially requested, to secure the students' lives who are the upcoming future of the nation.
All those interested in the said research work have been cordially invited to attend the ceremony.
The cabinet ministers the heads of the mejlis military and law enforcement agencies ministries and departments the khyakims of the regions and ashgabat the elders students representatives of public organisations and the media cordially greeted the turkmen leader on the venue.
I cordially congratulate You on the convincing victory gained in presidential elections.
Summary: Cordially invites a journalist and a photographer from your publication to attend the launch of
Holy Land Trust, along with World Without Wars, cordially invites you to join the World March for Peace and Nonviolence which will take place in Bethlehem on the 14th of October.
IN his letter he says: FOR a New Year's gift so beautiful that nothing could exceed it I thank you most cordially, not only for the handsome diamond and ship in which the lonely damsel is tossed about, but chiefly for the fine interpretation and too humble submission which your goodness has made; for I think that it would be difficult for me to deserve this, if it were not for your great humanity and favour.
We cordially share the grief about the diseased and wish sooner recovery of the injured persons in the earthquake tragedy," Head of OSCE Center in Bishkek said.
After the Saudi king met cordially with the pope in the Vatican, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman noted that no non-Muslim could visit Mecca and no religion other than Islam can be practiced openly in the entire nation.