cordial reception

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kindness in welcoming guests or strangers


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kttitudes of the Jewish Community in Buenos Aires towards Holocaust Survivors, 1945-49" offers a glimpse at a less than cordial reception that resonates with other examples in the hook.
For his part, the British ambassador expressed his pleasure to visit the northern state, adding that the visit comes in order to strengthen the mutual cooperation between the two countries, praising the cordial reception and generous hospitality.
The Malaysian Ambassador expressed his gratitude to, and appreciation of, the Minister for his amicable cordial reception and hospitality, stressing the importance of developing bilateral cooperation relations between the two countries, and wishing the Kingdom of Bahrain more progress and prosperity.
And for that reason the man who was cheered to the rafters at Hampden 18 months ago doesn't expect to be given a cordial reception by the fans from Gorgie who once revered him.
To dialogue entails a cordial reception, not a condemnation.
The recent souring of relations between the US and Pakistan after the killing of Osama Bin Laden resulted in the latter turning to its 'all-weather' friend, and despite a cordial reception, Islamabad did not walk away with much gains.
All this would seem to suggest that buyers prepared to go ahead now will get a pretty cordial reception if they visit a showhome.
They went on to extend their thanks and appreciation to the UAE government and people for their cooperation in facilitating their affairs, saying they had a cordial reception when they visited the various emirates, especially from the leadership of the police in each emirate.
President Mbeki and the accompanying delegation were accorded cordial reception reflecting the close relations between the two countries.
Ex-Albion man Nathan Ellington, given a less than cordial reception by the visiting fans, went closest to pulling a goal back but his long-range shot flashed just past Kiely's goal.
She also traveled with the leader when he made a secret visit to China in January, received a cordial reception as the North's first lady and exchanged civilities with Chinese President Hu Jintao, he added.
He offended Prince Christian of Denmark, who had escorted him to Versailles to present a score of Iphigenie to Louis XV and asked for his reaction to the king's cordial reception, by declaring that he would dedicate his next opera to a tax farmer, who would pay him ducats instead of compliments.
A few months after graduation Not Without Laughter (1930), his first prose work, had a cordial reception.