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the amount of wood in an area as measured in cords

the ropes in the rigging of a ship

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And of the bark, it is thin, tough, rubbery, and can be easily peeled for ornamenting basketry and making cordage.
These products include, wire rope, chain, ittings, hoists, cordage, wire rope slings, nylon/round slings, chain slings and custom made lifting products.
Natural Fiber Cordage Workshop for Adults Explore the fibers found naturally in the woods.
Plymouth Cordage Company and Plymouth Cordage Employees Association, 20 September 1945; Plymouth Cordage Company and Local 174 of UTWA (AFL), 17 June 1948; Plymouth Cordage Company and Plymouth Cordage Company Employees Association, 5 December 1949, Company Union Agreements, RG 7 33, box b220322, AO.
In addition to its high-performance fiber for rope and cordage in the oil and gas industry, Honeywell provides a variety of services and products for deep-water projects through Honeywell UOP and Honeywell Process Solutions.
Tenders are invited for Manufacture And Supply Of Hawser And Cordage Reels For Yard 12704 And 12705 Of P15b Ships.
Hardy said that if the finding is indeed remnants of string or cordage, then they will be the earliest direct proof of string.
Presently, the pulp manufacturing industry is the leading end-user of abaca fiber, followed by cordage manufacturing and fiber craft industry.
market, offering competitive products such as flexible packaging, cordage, tableware, items for table or kitchen and more.
Yale Cordage is a specialty rope manufacturer based in Saco, Maine, that designs application-specific ropes for a variety of industrial and recreational uses.
Other applications include aerospace, sporting goods, high performance sails, ropes, cordage and netting.
For all the ale and porter, anvils, bacon, brimstone, bricks and bones we carried early that year from Coventry down the Soar, for all the coffee, coke and cordage, curry-combs, cheese and earthenware; and all the fly-runs day and night, the speed of steam, for all the flannels, fire-irons, flints and frying-pans, gun-barrels, gates and grease; for all the brushing-boats; the ebbing banks; all the soot and fumes; the threat of suffocation; for all the herrings, hides and hinges, all the fires and fogs; layers of lime; for the best time through the Bliseworth Tunnel; for all the shells, sand, saltpetre; nothing's worth more than the weight of your hair, freed from its pins, falling safe into the hold of my hands.
For gardening and bundling, Sisal (50' x 1/2") should be the cordage of choice.
But did this also, perhaps, have something to do with the equally secret Operation Cordage, first highlighted by Keith Kyle in his excellent book on Suez and even more rigorously investigated by Eric Grove of Salford University.