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Most of the treatments showed statistically similar dry weight of big cord grass compared with weedy check at 65 DAS during both seasons.
During first season, dry weight of big cord grass varied from 4.
Reduction in dry weight of big cord grass achieved from other treatments ranged from 5 to 17% over control.
Look for this "needle grass" mainly in the interior marsh, while smooth cord grass ("spartina") grows more prevalent toward the outer marsh.
This study was designed to determine relative importance of bottom-up effects of plant clone of Spartina alterniflors, salt marsh cord grass, and local environmental conditions on the abundance of Prokelisia marginata, a delphacid planthopper (Homoptera: Delphacidae).
Spartina alterniflora Loisel (Poaceae), smooth cord grass, is a major component of the intertidal marshes from New England to the Gulf of Mexico.
to survey a stand of non-native cord grass that was invading the shallow waters of Willapa Bay.
The regularly flooded part of the marsh is covered by coarse cord grass whose stems are far enough apart for small fish and even little squid to swim in at high tide to hide and feed.
Salt grass, pickle weed, and cord grass now grow in profusion, providing food and shelter for foraging birds; tiny islands offer resting areas.
Just after a high tide peaks, Bay waters recede from the marsh islands, exposing cord grass and mud flats--and the birds flock in as if answering a dinner bell.
Restoring wetlands with cord grass grown at NRG's ecocenter for the Galveston Bay Foundation
To control invasive alien plant species: Japanese rose (Rosa rugosa) Cord grass (Spartina anglica)
NRG donated the smooth cord grass plants used to reduce erosion and as a wildlife habitat in the North Deer Island restoration.
With a dual focus on cleanup and restoration, the CCEF has begun a vital habitat restoration project, planting cord grass along five miles of shoreline to improve fishery habitat and control erosion.