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any of various plants of the genus Corchorus having large leaves and cymose clusters of yellow flowers

widely distributed genus of tropical herbs or subshrubs

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Competitive impact of Amaranthus spinosus in Celosia argentia and Corchorus olitorius production in Southwestern Nigeria.
Accumulation of four metals in tissues of Corchorus olitorius and possible mechanisms of their tolerance.
Mulukhiyah is a principal lunch dish in Egypt, made of Corchorus leaves
Anti- inflammatory, free radical scavenging and calcium antagonist activities of Corchorus fascicularis Lam.
Protective effect of Corchorus olitorius leaves against arsenic-induced oxidative stress in rat brain.
Antibacterial activity of Cuscuta reflexa stem and Corchorus olitorius seed.
Habitat: The vegetation in the locality is formed by mango plants and Tithonia diversifolia, the soil is covered by Thelepogon elegans mixed with Sida rhombifolia and Corchorus olitorius.
That these seven 'shaks"--Momordica charantia, Alstonia scholaris, Cardiospermum halicacabum, Commelina paludosa, Gymnopetalum cochinchinense, Corchorus aestuans, and Spilanthes calva were consumed during times of food scarcity by the Chakmas suggests that the leaves and young shoots of the plants may have adequate nutritional value, besides satiating hunger.
It is produced from plants in the genus Corchorus, family Tiliaceae.
Jute, Corchorus gives us ropes and twines in the garden and is widely grown in Bengal.
In volume terms, jute, which comes from the bast, or skin, of Corchorus plants, is the world's second biggest fibre crop (2.
The plant belongs to the genus Corchorus and is one of the cheapest and strongest natural fibres, second only to cotton.