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bluish-grey whiting of California coast

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7 (M) GOM 4+ 348 (303) Gulf Kingfish * 2 483 Northern Kingfish * 4 450-500 California Corbina Pacific 8 710 Atlantic Croaker Atlantic 7 521 GOM 3-5,8 369 Black Drum GOM 43 1500 Spotfin Croaker (d) Pacific 24 675-700 Red Drum Atlantic 33 1119 GOM 24 992 Queenfish (d) Pacific 12 (198) Yellowfin Croaker (d) Pacific 15 560 (313)-F Spawning- season Spawning duration frequency Species Region (mo) (d) White Seabass Pacific 6-8 -- Silver Perch GOM 3 1.
Yellowfins typically weigh from 1 to 3 pounds and the spotfin and California corbina reach up to 6 pounds.
She was well aware that, Prince Philip had been keen on CC's mama, Corbina Beaudette, prior to marrying her.
The white water in front of us was all frilled in silver by the fins of big Corbina fish rooting for sand crabs.
The thirst for publicity was so strong that debutantes such as Corbina Wright Jr.
Avid anglers can cast for croakers, corbina, sierra, and other surf fish.
donacis most likely infects Menticirrhus undulatus, the California corbina, when the fish consume exposed D.
While those watching Baywatch reruns believe Southern California beaches are for swimming, sunning, surfing and smooching, locals know that some great fishing and even an occasional fish dinner is available fly-fishing for corbina, surfperch, halibut, yellow fin croaker and many other species at beaches in Los Angeles and Ventura counties.
Then, the blenny, whiting, and corbina are in great demand in all beach resorts along the coast for their exceptional culinary qualities.
Corbina is Southern California's "cook's prize of the surf.
Pondella (3) personal communication), and California corbina (Menticirrhus undulatus; personal observation).
There is an opportunity to relax in a chair, read a book and depart for a few hours from workaday stress - all with the possibility of catching a legal-size halibut, a tasty corbina or a medley of croakers, perch and other surf fish, including sharks, rays and skates.
A greater proportion of California corbina (Menticirrhus undulatus) survived through the holding period, while greater than one-fifth of all impinged white sea bass (Atractoscion nobilis) survived.
Scott Matthews, Costa Mesa, corbina, 6-8, Dan Harbor, May 23, 1997.
Leibov headed up the growth of Corbina, IDT's Russian telecom operation, from its inception through its acquisition by IDT and ultimate sale in fiscal 2007.