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(architecture) a triangular bracket of brick or stone (usually of slight extent)

furnish with a corbel

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Kriz and Raths (1965) carried out 195 tests on corbels of which 121 were subjected to vertical loads, and 71 to combined vertical and horizontal loads.
Osborne Wood Products says its Empire Contemporary Corbel is for use with a variety of styles and designs for structural or use or as a decorative element.
Pebbles on a shelf mounted on corbels - projections from the wall - make a charming decorative detail.
A YOU could work with the architectural features by using reclaimed or new corbels to support some chunky shelving.
Applewhite used tile payers, a sturdy arbor made of recycled timbers, and a pair of antique, hand-carved corbels to give the patio character.
Other original aspects that appear in the house have been re-created in the redesigned areas, including corbels that support the new mantle over the family room fireplace, molding around the ceilings, bead board detailing that was picked up from the butler's pantry and some glass-front cupboard doors.
The Works Building incorporated many of the products manufactured by the company, such as chimney pots, tiles, moldings, lintels and corbels, thus it served as a veritable catalog of the firm's art and it is the only one of its kind known to survive in the United States.
The designs, similar to corbels, incorporate translucent materials for a dramatic effect.
As he later acknowledged, the corbels of brick and stone in the Sacristy at Oosterhout bear a striking resemblance to those in the main trading hall of H.
Serving The Needs of Homeowners, Architects, Interior Design Professionals, Building Contractors and Countertop Installers, Federal Brace Offers Corbels and Brackets While Focusing on Supporting Jobs in the USA
March 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Wooden Brackets and Wooden Corbels making a comeback for bringing that special cottage charm into your home.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: Reclamation work paints exterior joinery wood corbels, railings, gates & dormers, 7/9 rue camille guerrin in the municipality of lille.
com)-- For homeowners who fear corbels might hamper the decorative quotient of the room, MCorb, the leading manufacturer for corbels has come up with high quality corbels that would stay almost invisible below the countertops.
Michael Bell, of selling agent George F White, said: "St Mary's is in a wonderful rural location and still has many of the original features which will allow the new owners to make the building into a very original home including stained-glass windows, stone carved corbels, gargoyles and angels.
The Minories, the renovation of which was overseen by English Heritage, features handmade wooden sash windows, slate roofs, penny jointed brick archways and corbels.