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Synonyms for corbel

(architecture) a triangular bracket of brick or stone (usually of slight extent)

furnish with a corbel

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Here the masonry nature of the epidermis is powerfully revealed by corbelling the heads of the windows with increasingly projecting courses of brick exposed on the diagonal to provide a strong yet delicate three-dimensional carving into the monolith.
The work requires the installation of 250 ml of fiber reinforced concrete corbelling, 8 connections to the banks, 26 ml of guardrails at the top of the nozzle and 1200 ml of fencing reinforcement.
The masonry technique of free corbelling and the ancient art of muqarnas stalactite design is rediscovered for the purposes of detailing the spindly minaret balcony.
The contract includes a firm tranche and 3 optional tranches broken down as follows:; Firm Tranche Mission elements AVP, PRO, ACT, VISA MC1 for rectification of the route to the north of the tunnel via a corbelling.
Tenders are invited for Supplying, fitting and fixing Letter Blocks of 12 mm thick with coloured acrylic sheet and moulded fibre glass block for corbelling work (size 150 mm X 150 mm X 6 mm th.