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glabrous annual with slender taproot and clusters of white flowers

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Gold & coral necklace, pounds 10; bangles, pounds 15 for set, Diva, Miss Selfridge@Frasers.
The island is ringed by a spectacular coral necklace, which includes the Grand Canyon, a huge 60-foot coral wall, extending almost to the surface that provides a unique opportunity for avid divers and snorkelers.
One doll made of biscuit porcelain and dressed in silk with a matching hat and coral necklace was presented to the Queen when she was four years old.
It was, however, the stunning Albertina portrait of Nicolaas Rubens with a coral necklace of 1619, which has not been displayed for fifteen years, that took pride of place, and has understandably been used as the key marketing image for the exhibition.
In ``Nude With Coral Necklace, 1917,'' the woman has a black outline that makes her body - posed in a provocative way - jump out.
Emilio, an American visitor sitting beside me, caught a hand-carved coral necklace thrown by an attractive dancer.
After buying his first Southall painting from the Fine Art Society in 1970 he built up probably the world's most important private collection of work by the artist, ranging in date from the late 1880s, it included suich outstanding works as The Coral Necklace (1895), Balloons to Sell (1909) and Fishermen and Boat (1923), all included in the Birmingham exhibition in 1980.
More expensive: a Pellini coral necklace for pounds 415.
1952: Princess Anne celebrated her second birthday with a variety of gifts, including a coral necklace - for parties - and having a express passenger engine named after her.
A beautiful white handbag is the perfect addition for weekend-wear, a polka-dotted scarf will update any outfit, or think pink and get mom a coral necklace.
Plunging land masses, extraordinary seas, tornados, geological miracles, pirate ships, meteorological nightmares, furry pirate flags, coral necklaces, anger management studies and added relatives galore are all included - whether they make historical sense or not.