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a small rounded boat made of hides stretched over a wicker frame

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Therefore, coracle enthusiasts and china collectors alike are expected to take an interest in the piece which will be sold for just PS40.
She performs with The Coracle Band, a stellar cast of musicians who featured on the studio album, now brought together to recreate the haunting, surreal, fairytale world of Coracle in an ambitious live show.
Archaeological remains of what looks like a coracle have been found in a Bronze Age burial site at Dalgety Bay in Fife, and two others at Corbridge and Ferriby in North Yorkshire.
Ambitious because we had a very traditional mode of transport, coracles, that needed a combination of pure brawn, tact and team-spirit to make any sort of progress.
And the visit also gave the pair a chance to meet up with a host of long-lost relatives who can also trace their family tree back to the Clark family at The Coracle.
Enjoy everything from beekeeping and bodging to wood carving, spinning, coracle making and a blacksmiths competition to name but a few.
The coracle is a one-person bowl-shaped boat, constructed of woven willow laths and tarred hide, more recently replaced by canvas or calico.
He said: "Since I started coming to Bede's World I've learned things that I wouldn't have been able to learn at school, like how to look after farm animals and sail a coracle, a small boat, just like the Anglo-Saxons did.
One of those finished 9-0 the other day and you might get to see a coracle.
I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I was to see the article on coracle building
Looking like a cross between a high-tech balloon and a rubber coracle and weighing around 20 kilos, this bizarre creation (left) could, according to its Russian inventors, save the lives of people living or working in skyscrapers.
As my work in facilitating this new cradling increased, I realized that I must be willing to give up my secure job and stipend and step, as it were, into the coracle God had waiting for me.
The coracle making course, which takes place over the first weekend of April, employs traditional techniques under the tuition of willow expert Mick Petts, and takes place on Richard Lewis' farm with beautiful views over Abergavenny and the Usk Valley.
The weekend culminates in a coracle regatta on the castle ponds on Sunday afternoon.
Meanwhile seven products are in the final part of the application process: Carmarthen Ham, Welsh Laverbread, West Wales Coracle Caught Salmon, West Wales Coracle Caught Sewin, Traditional Welsh Cider, Traditional Welsh Perry and Conwy Mussels.