cor pulmonale

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enlargement of the right ventricle of the heart due to disease of the lungs or of the pulmonary blood vessels

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2] [less than or equal to] 89% in association with specific clinical conditions such as cor pulmonale, heart failure, or erythrocythemia with a hematocrit > 56) at rest, during sleep, during ambulation, or during exercise.
Haemodynamic and endocrine effects of type 1 angiotensin II receptor blockade in patients with hypoxaemic cor pulmonale.
Although old and recent PE were found in 1 case, the patient had severe small artery disease, and the authors thought that PE developed because of advanced cor pulmonale due to microvascular occlusion.
An autopsy case of subacute cor pulmonale due to pulmonary tumor cell emboli in a patient with gastric cancer.
Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) due to alveolar hypoxia developed in connection with obstructive and restrictive processes in lungs (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and high altitude hypoxia) is a serious hemodynamic risk factor for right ventricular (RV) overload and hypertrophy with further its exhaustion and development of chronic cor pulmonale and congestive RV heart failure (1-5).
The diagnosis of cor pulmonale was made according to history, physical examination, and roentgenographic and electrocardiographic findings.
The nonmalignant respiratory diseases include pulmonary fibrosis, pneumoconiosis, silicosis, and cor pulmonale.
None of the 15 patients was obese, and none had anatomic craniofacial abnormalities, neurologic disease, or cor pulmonale.
Thus, the diagnosis of severe cor pulmonale was confirmed.
The failure of the right ventricle resulting from lung disease is termed cor pulmonale.
8 kPa) with evidence of cor pulmonale or polycythaemia (haematocrit >55).
20 Cor pulmonale develops in some children because of vasoconstriction in pulmonary blood vessels as a result of frequent episodes of hypoxemia during recurrent apnea.
Consequently, the right ventricle will hypertrophy from the increase workload and will eventually fail, causing cor pulmonale.