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The mud motor quickly cut through the coquina to complete the pilot hole.
A small coquina watchtower first constructed in 1740, this fort started out as a remote outpost designed to protect St.
The inlet is filled with rocks and coquina, so anchor hang ups will occur.
Coquina Rock meeting the requirements for base material in the FDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, latest edition.
From rags to riches, Waterside was reborn from the bowels of the old Coquina Key Arms apartment complex.
The Ulgase Formation has yielded lingulate brachiopods Ungula inornata from all levels above the basal coquina, Ceratreta tanneri from the upper 3 m and Ungula sp.
KEY WORDS: Donax variabilis, coquina, reproduction, life cycle, recruitment, biology
It has a linksy feel with its sod-wall bunkers and coquina waste areas.
Tidal flat-lagoon facies association occurs in the Shengli River Fomation and is characterized by oil shale, marl and gypsum salt intercalated with micritic limestone and coquina [1].
26) The term "construction aggregate materials" is defined as crushed stone, limestone, dolomite, limerock, shell rock, cemented coquina, sand for use as a component of mortars, concrete, bituminous mixtures, or underdrain filters, and other mined resources providing the basic material for concrete, asphalt, and road base.
We also thank the Mote Marine Laboratory, Sarasota County Parks and Recreation Department, the Coquina and Helmseley hotels, and all our volunteer participants and their families in Sarasota, Florida.
The Sunlit Park systems range in size from one 235-watt panel at Coquina Key Park to a 234-panel array at Wildwood Park Recreational Center.
On the other hand, seawalls combined with an offshore barrier of native limestone or coquina rocks, bagged oyster and native plants are better able to absorb wave energy and withstand changing water levels.
Larval development of the coquina clam, Donax variabilis Say, with a discussion of the structure of the larval hinge in the Tellinacea.
3 m--dolomitized bivalve coquina with varigrained pelletal-skeletal grainstone matrix.