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nut having a hard hazel-brown shell used like vegetable ivory

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A school dropout from Panabo, Davao del Norte, Coquilla migrated to Manila in 1988 at age 18 to follow his dream to become a comics illustrator.
Coquilla told investigators that vendors would "recook and repack" the Wendy candies that they bought from a company in Davao City, said Suy, adding that investigators will reveal on Wednesday or Thursday whether the candies that were seized from the vendors were contaminated with E-coli bacteria, staphylococcus, or salmonella.
Segun Verhoeven (1987), la microporosidad encontrada en granos equiaxiales en materiales susceptibles a la microporosidad, colados en coquillas, se encuentra en el orden de 25[micron]m y la microporosidad hallada en granos columnares del orden de 5-10[micron]m.
The Office of the Ombudsman similarly charged six others who allegedly connived with Coquilla in misusing his Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF).
Los tochos fundidos han sido fundidos en moldes de coquilla de 3 pulgadas.
After the rally in the school grounds in Manila's Sta Mesa district, the five students allegedly took 13 desks and put them into two vehicles that were later intercepted by policemen near the school, PUP security chief Leonardo Coquilla said in a statement which became the basis for the students' arrest.
Woods - Coquilla and Shawn Woods, of Eugene, a son.
Teodulo 'Doloy' Coquilla was formally charged with two counts of malversation and graft over his alleged involvement in the pork barrel scam.
On display at the museum's Gallery Indigo are pieces by Pio Abad, Leonard Aguinaldo, Virgilio Aviado, Max Balatbat, Welbart Bartolome, BenCab, Charlie Co, Dansoy Coquilla, Melvin Culaba, Abi Dionisio, Alfredo Esquillo Jr.
Scanning the folksy are Tony Austria and Dansoy Coquilla.
A keen observer of people and a habitue of the most unlikely places in Metro Manila and beyond, Coquilla takes us this time to the Cordilleras where he has gained much inspiration from its original inhabitants and changing social climate.
Lana OsmeNa was dressed by Hans Coquilla, while Mandaue City treasurer Regal Oliva wore a creation by Jul Oliva.
and Nik Ricio), Dayong Mendoza, Dansoy Coquilla, Clairelynn Uy, Jeho Bitancor, Jojo Lofranco, Roberto Acosta, Katti Santa Ana, Elizabeth Lolarga, Almonte, Ambie AbaNo, Noel El Farrol, Benjie Torrado Cabrera, June Dalisay, Lanelle Abueva, Virgilio Aviado, Arlene Villaver and Lia Torralba.
Pobladors calm manner belied how he confronted the 2002 Coquilla and 2015 Caballero decisions, which found no sign the balikbayan involved reestablished residence until he reacquired citizenship.
Teodulo Coquilla in the Sandiganbayan over the alleged misuse of P5 million from his Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel allocation in 2007.