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Synonyms for coquette

a woman who is given to flirting


Synonyms for coquette

a seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men

talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions

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On the contrary, in all my time in Lesotho, I have never seen an actual Mosotho female even remotely behave with such florid, yet demure, coquettishness.
Those among them who were attracted by the charms of young boys developed the institution into one of high aesthetic appreciation, in which the relationship between the youth and his adult lover was governed by codes of loyalty, deference, coquettishness, and submission.
She was a pleasant girl, inclined to be thoughtful, serious and earnest and, unlike most girls of her age whom I'd come, or been pushed, across, given to reflective silences rather than more or less continual chatter and sudden alarming bouts of coquettishness.
Yes, I suppose I was pretty wild," she says with a coquettishness that belies exactly how wild she was.
But Popeye is as impervious to Temple's attempts at imagined or real protection as he has earlier been to her coquettishness.
The woman is possessed of a sexuality which is hard to describe - a sort of minxy, childish, coquettishness wrapped up in an enigma.
He sounds like he's enjoying wrapping his grizzled tonsils around these tracks, taking risks and approaching a coquettishness that's utterly seductive.
The coquettishness of Susanna (Jennifer Farrell and Michelle Keobke) mined the character's intelligence and subtlety, and both singers had an excellent sensitivity to line.
All Pulp Fiction's other females orbit the "active" males they're paired with as if attached by Crazy Glue, in one case requesting "oral pleasure" with the languid coquettishness of a teenage catamite.
As David grows older, these incidents of coquettishness become more numerous and overtly sexual.
Nearly everywhere, shyness or coquettishness is associated strongly with female sexual behavior.
Angela Henckel's two roles allowed her to display a sultry coquettishness, while Colin Baldy, using his extreme height and resource of accent to great effect, followed his foppish music master with an hilarious pantomime dame.